Comedian Alan Davies and wife Katie love to laze around in the beach

HitBerryPublished on   07 Aug, 2015Updated on   14 May, 2021

Comedian Alan Davies and wife Katie love to laze around in the beach. The couple, who have recently been enjoying spending time along the beaches in Thailand, take their family on frequent trips in order to relax and be happy. Alan loves his family and has even gone on record saying that his family, rather than his work. is his first priority.

Beside beaches in Thailand, the pair were also recently spotted having a great time scuba diving and watching the sunset over Ayer Rocks in Australia. Alan and his wife Katie also went for Broadway show in New York. They have also traveled in a boat on Doubtful sound Fjord in South Island of New Zealand along with their kids. Looks like the pair are having a grand time travelling and spending quality time together as a family.

Alan got married to his girlfriend of two years, Katie on 13th January, 2007 after half a year of being engaged. They have two kids, Sushie and Robert. Alan became father for the first time on 2009 with daughter Sushie and afterwards in 2011 with baby boy Robert.

Alan Davies met his wife Katie Maskell for the first time in 2005. At the filming of QIe he saw Katie, sitting in the audience. Then, when he went to the green room for a drink there she was, the same girl sitting talking to her friend. He started chatting with her.

He managed to convince her to give him her phone number and they started to email and text each other regularly. All her messages were funny and he started to look forward to each email or text.

He took her to Waltham stow dog track about a week after and their first date went on for about eight hours as they talked all night

Then, they went out once more a week later and chatted for another eight hours, going from bar to bar until one finally shut down at 3am. It was like everything had just changed and he just knew she was the one for him.

He hardly worked for about a year as he spent all his time with Katie. They went all over the place; they tour to Thailand to see a friend of hers who was teaching English there, and he also took her to the World Cup in Germany in 2006.

A year later they got married and have been happier than ever as husband and wife. Almost 8 years later, they have still managed to keep the spark alive in their marriage and are one of the most stable couple in Hollywood.

Comedian Alan loves family a lot and it is quite obvious that he loves spending time with them. We look forward to seeing him enjoying more family vacations together with his wife and kids.