Comedian Aidy Bryant shares how she started dating her boyfriend Conner O'Malley

December 23, 2015
First published on:December 23, 2015
by HitBerry

Not many celebrities are open to discussing their relationships, let alone share how they began as a couple. However, Aidy Bryant has decided to let her fans and everybody else know the details of her early days with her boyfriend Conner O’Malley.

She has said that she and her boyfriend Connor met seven years back and till today they feel as though they met yesterday.  Aidy has said that she first met Connor in 2008 at the renowned Annoyance Theater in Chicago, which also happens to be her hometown.

They were booked on the same show. After the show, Connor complemented her on her work. She also congratulated him on his own performance, which she now has confessed she missed. However, they did not cross each other’s path for a few days. When they ran into each other a couple of days later, Connor asked her for her number.

Afterwards, they went on a date. Till date, they are a wonderful couple and many have argued that they are probably the most adored couples in comedy at the moment. Aidy has said that she was astounded later on by the straightforward and old-fashioned way they began their relationship.

Aidy also has said that at the time they both were just learning the adult way of life. Confused and skeptic, they still managed to commit themselves to each other. She has said, prior to her relationship with Connor, she was involved with several other men, all whom were playing mind games with her and trying to manipulate her for their own benefit.

She has also said that when she and Connor met each other, they finally got what they were looking for. They have also been hinting towards a possible engagement in 2016. They have said they would love to work together and are making plans to work on a project together.

Aidy has also said that Connor is going to be her husband for sure. The only question is when she added.

On a professional scale, she considers herself to be TV comedian. However, recently she has shown interest in movies, having featured in one this year titled “Danger & Eggs”. The movie is scheduled to release in the month of January 2016.

Aidy is also the most followed cast members in Saturday Night Live on social media. On Instagram she boasts up to 270 K followers. She can be followed as aidybryant.  She is known to post fresh feeds on her account on a regular basis.

She is also known to communicate with her fans through Twitter. She has responded to many texts and queries, making her one of the most loved SNL cast members presently.

Her net worth remains undisclosed. 

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