Comedian Adam Ray shares why he doesn't like talking about his dating life and girlfriends

December 27, 2015
First published on:December 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Comedian Adam Ray has recently shared the reason why he doesn't like talking about his dating life and girlfriends.

The last time we saw Adam Ray going out on a date was via the TV show “Blind Date”. The first time he went out was with a long dirty wig and the second time he went out as a drunk Jewish guy named Adam Ray. And you won’t believe how much fun this funny comedian had messing with and irritating those two beautiful ladies on their dates. We had the laugh of our life along with Adam. But you won’t believe if we tell you that this comedian cum actor does not like to discuss his private life, especially his dating life and girlfriends with the public.

Yes people! This writer and comedian, who has been tickling our funny bones with his witty jokes, is not comfortable talking about his love life and girlfriends with his fans and media. But do you know the reason? May be we can give you all the answers.

A source close to Ray revealed that the comedian did not want to share the details of his private dating life and his relationship with his girlfriends because he does not have any. LOL! Yes people, he does not have any girlfriend right now. He is single and this is the reason why he does not want to be open about his dating and love life.

Doesn’t it sound absurd? You dislike opening up about your personal love life just because you don’t have any one special in your life to talk and boast about.

Well, you have to understand one thing guys, Ray is a comedian and he makes people laugh with his funny gags and acts. So, he does not mind making fun of his own single relationship status. And this is the reason why he is coming up with all these silly remarks about his own dating life. The anonymous source, who gave us all the important information about the actor’s attempt at keeping mum regarding his personal life, especially about his past dating history and his relationship status, had this to say:

“Adam is currently single and he loves to prank people. Right now, he is trying to prank the media by saying that he does not want to talk about his love affairs blah… blah.... He is just joking you see! Every single woman he has ever dated in his life have left him because they could not tolerate his silly pranks,” said the informant.

They further added: “People love his sense of humor when he is on stage. But when it comes to his personal life, girls want him to be serious and rather romantic. But his main problem is that he tries to mix humor into romance and his girl-friends break up with him as a result of some stupid prank he played on the,.”

According to the informant, his separation with his lovers hasn’t stopped him from satirizing his own plight and claiming to be personal about his love life.

We hope that The Heat star soon finds a girl who does not mind his planks and whom he could get married to and spend the rest of his life with. 


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