Columnist Dan Senor's Marriage with Campbell Brown, any Children together?

Successful marrried life is truly one of the blessed things in life. Daniel Samuel  Senor aka Dan Senor is one of the few blessed men on earth who got a beautiful wife and a happy family. An American columnist, a writer and a political adviser Dan, he is well known for his work as a spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq.

If we watch Fox News, then you will be familiar with the name Dan Senor. Apart from his professional work, you might be eager to know about his personal life.

Columnist Dan Senor living happily after years of marriage

The 45-year-old Columnist Dan Senor is married to American TV anchor and a reporter Campbell Brown back in April 2006. Now, their marriage has marked the milestone of a decade and still their married life is going strong as always.

A serious Foreign Policy Thinker, Dan's wife Campbell, has a wonderful career.  The 49-year-old former anchor for CNN has won NBC-TV award and served most of her career in the field of anchoring.

Dan Senor and Campbell Brown, source: Zimbio

You will be surprised to know that this beauty has won Emmy Award as part of the NBC team reporting on Hurricane Katrina. Brown has also served most of her year as an education reform and a school choice activist.

Dan and Campbell are blessed with two children, Asher Liam Senor and James Senor. Both of them like to spend more time with their children. In 2010, when Campbell was released from her contract, she said she will now spend more of her time with the two children.

Despite being such recognizable faces, Dan and Campbell have managed to maintain their low life profile and rarely make news with their personal life.

Dan Senor and Campbell Brown on their wedding, source:

If we look at the quick look at the social medias of Campbell, you will see her sharing adorable tweets with her children. There are no rumors of their divorce or fights in recent days. Hope their married life stays strong as always.

Who is Dan Senor?

Campbell is one of the famous names in the news world, but her husband doesn't like to be in the spotlight. Like his wife, Dan has a wonderful career. Dan is an American Columnist, a writer, and a political adviser. Apart from this, Senor is a frequent commentator and a contributor to The Wall Street Journal.

DAN SENOR, former advisor to the Romney-Ryan campaign, source: FOX News Radio

The Author of book Start-up Nation, Dan was a Pentagon and White House adviser at U.S Central Command Forward. He has a hand on other professional activities like Adjunct Senior Fellow, member of the honorary that accompanied President George W. Bush to Jerusalem in May 2008 and much more.

CFR Dan Senor Analyzes President Obama's Message to Iran, source: YouTube

We wish Dan and Campbell to have a blissful family and professional life in coming future.