Colombian Hot Model Melissa Giraldo Flaunts in Bikini and Sexy Bare Body. 28 years old Libra is single.

September 13, 2017
First published on:August 29, 2016
by HitBerry

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Melissa Giraldo was born on November 30th, 1988; in Colombia. She is of Hispanic ethnicity and she was brought up in Medellin, Colombia. She is a well-known model and stands 5 feet 9 Inches tall (1.77m). In the photo, she is topless and wearing a cute under pant.

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It appears as if the picture was taken for a cover page. She is comforting herself in a strip Bikini and trying to expose her sexy back with her toned perfect legs on display. Her flawless chestnut hair color makes her look hotter than ever.

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In the photo, she is wearing a maar swimwear and it looks like the picture was captured somewhere in an ocean. The way she has covered herself with a long yellow outer, she looks extremely sexy with that on her.

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28-year-old model Melisa in a strip Bikini; the way she exposes her back, it feels like she is the hottest girl in the whole world. Being a Libra, she sure knows how to handle herself in front of the camera.

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It seems like she is tryna make her audience go crazy wearing a Bikini that has psychedelic stuff printed on it. The background doesn’t look so clear; however, it pretty much appears as if the picture was taken somewhere around the beach.

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In the photo, Melissa Giraldo is comforting herself in a purple victoria secret Bikini and she is trynna expose her perfect back. By the look of the pic, the place appears like a bar.

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By profession, she is a model and has worked for many lingerie and swimwear companies. Being specific, she has recently been working with Phax Swimwear. And speaking of the pic, it looks like the pic was captured in a studio for some kind of advertisement.

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The way her back is on expose, most of the men go crazy for her when they see her like this. Being a Colombian; she is not just popular in Colombia, but all over the world. And maybe every men in this universe dreams of making her their soul mate. However, the strange thing is that she is still single.

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The picture appears as if it was taken in a hotel suite for a magazine cover. There are no doubts that she is the best in the whole world. And she has proven it. In November 2009; she won the ‘Miss Betus Award’.

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When her perfectly toned legs are on display, she just looks extremely sexy. In the pic, she has comforted herself in a Bikini and trynna leans her back on the wall. The way she looks at the camera, I fall for her every time I see her.