Cobie Smulders and husband Taran Killam are having baby for second time; Know her Married Life and Children

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Oh, how lovely to see Robin from How I Met Your Mother welcome another baby to their family! Woohoo! The couple who tied the knot in 2012, have a daughter already and do you know the gender of their second child?


So today in this context we have collected all the information regarding Cobie Smulders and husband Taran Killam dating life and their first children that you want to know. For more keep scrolling.

Cobie Smulders and husband Taran Killam's second child

Cobie Smulders and husband Taran Killam are together for a long time and in recent days, the good news about their children is heard. Well, the couple is blessed with a child and, its a boy.

The family is now complete with a 9-year-old daughter Shaylen Cado and a cute little baby boy. Apparently, the news of her 3-week-old baby broke out when the 36-year-old Canadian actress opened up about it in an interview with Bustle.

Paparazzi followed her a long way when she wanted to make an entrance into the airport after attending the Sundance Festival to promote her movie Unexpected. Well, how could someone keep such big thing a secret? Kudos to you Colbie, you have amazed us with such a talent to stay away from hundreds of paparazzi for three whole weeks!

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Avenger's actress and her SNL actor husband Taran revealed about Colbie's pregnancy only in October 2015 after they celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Although the duo got engaged in 2009, they tied the knot in 2012, three years after their first child was born.

Their wedding was known to have been pretty huge - her TV series mates Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan were present there, with their own children! Colbie looked absolutely stunning wearing a Claire Pettibone gown. 


Cobie Smulders and husband Taran's first child - Daughter Shaylen Cado

Talking about their first baby, she was born on May 2009 after the couple got engaged in January.

Her co-worker Alyson who also had a baby girl back in March often exchanged talks with one another - claims they just could not help it because both were soon to be mothers on the set of How I Met Your Mother. The pair announced their first pregnancy 6 years ago, back in November. 

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The Pair were planning on expanding their family once the Emmy Winning actress would complete her comedy TV series How I Met Your Mother, according to Hollywood Life. Could their daughter be any cuter? Beautiful blonde beauty will definitely resemble her mother in the future. 

Taran is no less when it comes to making his children excited with joy and provides all the love and care they need. We are sure the big sister is excited as well as thrilled to enjoy the rest of her life with her younger brother. More love and happiness to the family!

Cobie Smulders relationship with husband Taran Killam

The couple is all head over heels when it comes to loving one another. 36-year-old Taran often posts pictures of his wife on his Instagram with such lovely captions - it just melts our hearts. 


Dis my wife.

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This was all about Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam personal life regarding their dating life and affair. Soon we will be back with other celebs personal as well as professional life. Till then keep supporting and visiting us.

Ten Facts about Cobie Smulders

1. Cobie Smulders's real name is Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders.
2. Cobie Smulders was born on April 3, 1982, and is 36 years old.
3. Cobie Smulders was born in Vancouver, Canada.
4. Cobie Smulders started her professional career in 2002.
5. Cobie Smulders's net worth is around $25 million.
6. Cobie Smulders married Taran Killam in 2012.
7. Cobie Smulders is the mother of two children.
8. Cobie Smulders's birth sign is Aries.
9. Cobie Smulders started as a model and later turned to be an actress.
10. Cobie Smulders is famous for appearing in How I Met Your Mother.