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Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens - Net Worth - See her Cars and House

July 28, 2016
First published on:July 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Gabriella Montez is not a name any High School Musical fan can ever forget. The name has an irreplaceable memory not only in our minds but in our hearts too. Afterall Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are the ultimate couple for any fangirl because they ship their hopes.No wonder Vanessa Hudgens aka Gabriella Montez had a major breakthrough with High School Musical Trilogy and it just did not boost up her career, but her net worth and salary too; storming it to the million dollar mark at a very young age.

Starting her feature film debut with the movie Thirteen in 2003 Vanessa Hudgens got the mainstream success like a dream. The fame with High School Musical not only raised the bar for her but increased her popularity so much with every teenage girl look upon her as their idol. It is this undivided attention from her fans even after years the series has gotten over Vanessa Hudgens has been able to muster up successful movies in her kitty and earn a net worth of $10 million all by herself.

After High school, Vanessa took a break from her musical career just to focus more on her acting, which has proven to be fruitful for her because she has given successful movies like The Frozen Ground, Gimme Break and Freaks of Nature. Additionally, she also appears frequently in stage shows and television roles, gaining an immense appreciation for her work; all of which that have undoubtedly added to her increasing popularity and net worth.

Coachella queen- Vanessa Hudgens

If by any chance you are wondering,Coachella is the annual music and arts festival held in California every year since 1999 after Paul Tollet found it. Every year, many of your favorite celebrities dressed in their best attend the festival full of enthusiasm and energy. Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, and many more grace the event, but Vanessa Hudgens has become an undisputed queen and reigning the event for several years because of her dressing style that makes up to the trend and the fashion tricks. Don’t believe us have a look at some of her best photos while in the event.

Vanessa Hudgens as the Coachella queen.

Vanessa Hudgens as the Coachella queen.

Vanessa Hudgens’s love for cars

A native of Salinas, Vanessa Hudgens has an inexpressible love for her cars.The lady who is in this profession since a very early age loves her cars and has a wide range of it. Obviously with a net worth like that she is bound to have many and yes she has the world’s most impressive car possession. Right from Mercedes-Benz E350 to Audi S5 she owns it ALL. Go burn yourself looking at her desirous collection.

Vanesaa Hudgens car collection.

Vanessa Hudgens car collection.

Vanessa Hudgens house

And if that was not enough, she has an amazing house too. Vanessa lives in a very large adult size house which cost over $2 million when she bought it back in 2008.Gifting it to her as a birthday present when she turned 19 years Vanessa has all the luxuries in this house which is situated in Studio City, California.I know it's too much for an actress cum singer whose age is just 28 years but seems like all her good deeds are paying off because most importantly Vanessa is extremely active with children’s charity.

Vanessa Hudgens affair and boyfriend

Vanessa Hudgens with her ex boyfriend Zac Effron. The two met while filming High School Musical and dated after that until breaking up in 2010.

Vanessa Hudgens with her ex-boyfriend Zac Effron. The two met while filming High School Musical and dated after that until breaking up in 2010.

Vanessa Hudgens has only had two guys in her life. Back while she was shooting for High School Musical she was in a very committed relation with her co-star Zac Efron and almost everyone thought that they were the ultimate couple. However, the couple broke up in 2010 after dating for 5 years because Vanessa was a possessive girlfriend and the attention Zac got from his female fangirls bothered her so much that it brought the bad side of her.

Currently, she is in a relationship with Austin Butler since 2011.

Vanessa Hudgens with her current boyfriend Aaron Butler.The two have been in a very serious affair since 5 years.

Vanessa Hudgens with her current boyfriend Aaron Butler.The two have been in a very serious affair for 5 years.