CNN's Chris Cuomo accused Rep. Jim Jordan of hypocrisy

James Daniel Jordon, better known as a Jim Jordan is the U.S Representative for Ohio's 4th congressional district severing since 2007. Jordan is a member of the Republican Party and is now in the headlines for being a hypocrite.

You might remember back to the past when Barack Obama was elected as a president, Jordan trashed Obama for making policies by the executive order. So this time, is Jordan being a hypocrite for praising when President Trump sets the policy using the same mechanism?

CNN's Chris Cuomo accused Rep. Jim Jordan of hypocrisy

On Friday, 13 October 2017, Jim Jordan, co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus debated with the CNN's Chris Cuomo in the morning discussion on the subject of President Trump's decision to stop the federal subsidies for the low-income Americans' health insurance.

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Jordon always calls for the repeal and replacement of Affordable Care Act critic. This year, he showed his frustration when GOP efforts to do criticizing Republicans.

Trump went through several across to undercut the Obamacare on Thursday. When Trump announced it, Jordan applauded and said that his executive order would allow the sales of health insurance plans an "everyday Americans premium relief" and will violate the Affordable Care Act rules. He even shared his views on his official Twitter:

Once when Obama set the federal policies through executive orders, Jordan publicly claimed Obama as an "emperor." Thus, now Cuomo accused Jordan of being hypocrisy for applauding when President Trump did the same thing.

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In reply, Jordan claimed that the case is not the same. He said:

Trump was stopping unconstitutional payments to insurance companies that made record profits these last few quarters. Give me a break!

Jodan even accused of Obama lying to the American people regarding the premiums and the deductibles that decline under the Affordable Care Act.

Cuomo said that the Republicans had destroyed the mechanism of the program work "to the disadvantage of tens of millions of Americans that need the help." He furthermore added:

I got a news flash for you, Jim Jordan, you guys fall short a lot

You promise the American people a lot of things that don't come true."

So people what do you think? Is Jim Jordan being a hypocrite for pleasing executive actions of Trump and denouncing for Obama?