CNN's Sara Murray Married? Also Know Her Career And Net Worth

February 27, 2018
First Published On: April 2, 2017
by HitBerry

With a very cute face and smile, CNN White House Correspondent successfully attracted more fans than expected.


After her appearances in the media, people grew their curiosity to know whether this beautiful lady is married or not. Today, here we will be discussing Sara Murray's personal as well as professional life. Also, know more about her net worth and career.

Is CNN's Sara Murray married?

Sara Murray's personal life is mostly searched in the media. People always keep on surfing around to know whether gorgeous Sara is married or not. Today, Hubmesh brings you more about her personal life.

Sara Murray

Sara Murray Source: CNN

Even though Sara Murray is popular and most searched, she managed to keep her personal stuff aside. Sorry boys, the very talented and beautiful Sara Murray is already taken. Sara Murray is engaged to Garrett Haake.

As per sources, Murray is living in Washington, D.C with her fiancé Garrett Haake and their pup, shiner. According to, Sara and Garrett will be marrying on 22nd April 2017, in Washington, DC.

You can also check her tweets related to her soon to be husband on her Twitter and Instagram account, here…

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

CNN's Sara Murray Career

Sara Murray is someone you should know about. She is a CNN White House Correspondent covering the 2016 presidential campaign. She joined CNN in the year 2015 to cover the Republican field. However, at the moment, she serves as the lead reporter covering Donald Trump.

CNN's Sara Murray

CNN's Sara Murray Source: cdn.cnn

As per sources, Sara Murray first worked in The Wall Street Journal. She worked as an anchor for their digital network in New York. She joined the video team where she covered the presidential bid of Mitt Romney in 2012.

She worked on the breaking news on the private comments of the high-dollar donors. While working at The Wall Street Journal, in 2013, she covered Congress's unsuccessful attempt to take part in U.S immigration system. Her covering on the financial crisis in 2008 is the notable one.

CNN's Sara Murray's Net Worth

As we previously mentioned, the talented media personality and political reporter Sara Murray is quite secretive, she hasn't revealed her net worth yet. 

Sara Murray

Sara Murray

Source: pressed

However, as per sources, she earned around $1.4 million in total. She earns around $320 thousand annually. But we are quite not sure about her exact figure of net worth.