CNN's Becky Anderson - Net worth, Annual Salary and Career

September 9, 2016
First Published On: September 9, 2016
by HitBerry

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Anderson is a host and a managing editor at CNN based in ‘AbuDhabi’ who hosts ‘connect the world with Becky Anderson’ which airs at 4pm on weekdays.

With her stunning voice and appearance, Becky is one of the CNN highest profile anchors. Today, we are here to discover her net worth along with annual salary as well as her career.

Becky Anderson’s Net Worth

Like I already said, she is one of the highest profile anchors at CNN. And we all must know by now that CNN pays their staffs really good; so, there are no odds that her net worth doesn’t reach for the sky.

The salary of Becky Anderson news at CNN is $40 thousand a month to more than a few million dollars yearly. 

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Becky Anderson’s Salary

The salary of an individual at CNN is determined by person’s experience and span of time at work. And it has been more than 5 years since she started at CNN. 

Furthermore, she is one of the personalities who has covered major events during her time at work. Thus, there are no doubts that her salary ranges from $5 Million to $10 Million per year or maybe even more than that. Because she has not just worked with CNN, there are so many news channels that she has worked with to this day.

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Becky Anderson’s Education and Career

Anderson earned her bachelor’s degree from the ‘University of Sussex’ in Economics and French and master’s degree from the ‘Arizona State University’ in Mass Communication. 

Becky’s career turned on when she worked as a print reporter for several business publications in Arizona. Her involvement includes the UK’s ‘ITN’, ‘Bloomberg’ and ‘CNBC Europe’.

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Some of the major events that she has covered to this are: she has conducted interviews with top leaders like, Kofi Annan, South American President Jacob Zuma, Desmond Tutu, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, etc; she has reported from Greece on the anti-austerity riots, She was also the CNN Olympic Correspondent in 2012; she reported from London’s Buckingham Palace during the birth of Prince George and many more.


Becky Anderson’s Personal Life

Becky Anderson was born on November 15th, 1967; in the United Kingdom. Since she is too secluded about her personal life, she doesn’t share much of her stuff on social sites or any other media. However, there are rumors spreading about her being a ‘lesbian’. But yet, there are fewer chances of it being true. Also, some believe that she is a cokehead, which is sort of funny because people usually judge each other without knowing what kind of person he/she really is.  

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