CNN's Alisyn Camerota might have left Fox at the height of her success due to salary issues

HitBerryPublished on   05 Oct, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota bid farewell to FOX News Channel Network after sixteen years long successful career in the network. She left Fox and joined the CNN as the co-host of CNN Tonight.

Nobody in their wildest dream had ever imagined that this talented American television news journalist, aged 49, would leave Fox after such a long tenure. She is now currently co-anchoring CNN's New Day. The time might have passed, but people haven’t really forgotten her surprising announcement of departure.

“Why did Alisyn Camerota leave Fox Network?” is one of the most frequently asked questions even today. Alisyn, who served in several roles during her 16 year old long career at her former work place, has been asked the same question from time to time. While the news anchor cited opportunities as the core reason behind leaving her beloved network Fox, the fans and admirers of this intellectual woman are still not satisfied.

When she said “opportunities”, people saw it more as ‘Money and fame”. So did she really leave Fox simply for opportunity in CNN or because of salary issues?

A few months ago, Alisyn herself turned to Facebook one afternoon for a question and answer session where she answered the aforementioned question and tried to clear out all the confusion regarding her departure.

She said, “Now to the question, that is most popular on my Twitter feed or Facebook.”

“The question that I get every day, all the time — the question is why did you leave Fox? And some people say, ‘When are you coming back?’ And some people say, ‘How dare you?’ And some people say, ‘How could you have gone to the dark side?’”

And then Camerota explained why she actually left the network. She said, “I left Fox for more opportunity.

 “And CNN has exceeded my wildest dreams on that front. I didn’t know that I would have all this opportunity when I came here to CNN.”

“In the eight months that I have been at CNN, I’ve had more opportunity than I had at the eight years prior,” Camerota added.

The news host also stated how she was given ‘opportunities’ to anchor primetime specials and documentaries as well as several other chances to prove herself.

But no matter how much she tries, there are people who are not ready to accept that Camerota left Fox just for so called opportunities. They claim that the news anchor left the network at height of her successful career because she was offered more salary by CNN than she used to get in her former workplace.

Camerota, who lives with her husband and her fraternal twin daughters and a son, seemed reluctant to give away the reason of her departure to anyone on the first place, but when she did, her fans were not satisfied. So we really don’t know why she left. But nonetheless, we wish her all the best for a better future ahead.