CNN reporter, Suzanne Malveaux- a success story.

March 21, 2016
First Published On: March 21, 2016
by HitBerry

While many of us struggle for a job after graduation, Suzanne’s talent enabled her to get one right after. She has had a great career and she was able to satisfy all her employers and has never been fired. Being hired by CNN is the testament to her talent itself. She is currently working Washington branch of CNN.

Suzanne has interviewed many famous personalities like George Bush and Bill Clinton. She often travels around the globe covering presidential news. Some of her impressive job is that of 9/11 attack and 2004 presidential election which further increased her popularity and her image.

The only dating record we have of Suzanne was with T.J.Holmes, but it is not sure whether they are still together or not. She has not revealed anything about her dating life and it seems she wants to keep it that way. Any of her other dating records have not been disclosed. She does not have a husband and has not been married but she is reported to have adopted a child. She is a role model for all the single independent women striving for her career and a hardworking personality as well.

She looks pretty hot for a woman in her fifties. She is often well dressed and likes to show off her long beautiful legs. She look stunning and hot. She is active on Instagram and Twitter and has many followers due to her talent and beauty. Standing rather tall at 1.68m, her height further enhances her beauty. She looks devastatingly gorgeous for her age. Her body measurement is also ideal and the picture of her in a bikini is one of the most searched on the internet about her.

According to ‘Rolling Stone’, she was reported among the hottest female reporter in 2005 which proves the worth of her beauty.

Although she is an American, she is from French, African and Spanish descent. Her family includes herself, her father, mother and her 3 siblings. Regarding her education she graduated from Harvard majoring in sociology and from Colombia institute with Masters in Journalism.

Currently the news journalist for CNN, Suzanne is the host of CNN Newsroom and co-host for ‘Around the World’.  Previously she had worked in New England Cable News, There she had worked as a general assignment reporter. Her other place of tenure are WRC-TV, NBC, working as news anchor to her position as a successful journalist. She has won various Emmy awards for her remarkable contribution to news industry. She has been an employee at CNN since 2002.

Like most of her other information, her net worth and salary is something that is not yet revealed to anyone. Considering how professional and skillful she is, it is assumed that her salary is attractive.