CNN reporter Jake Tapper, age 46, and wife Jennifer Marie Brown, married since 2006, have big plans for their 10th anniversary!!

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Can you imagine how it must feels like inaugurating Barak Obama??? Not many reporters get to cover such a ceremony. Tapper, however, was one of the fortunate ones and he covered the presidential inauguration marvelously. In fact, his live coverage was so good that it earned him an Emmy for Live Coverage. Now, he is one of the pride jewel of CNN and with his outstanding talent, he is sure made himself worth it.

However, today, it is not his professional life we are concerned with. Rather, it is his married life. Our sources have revealed that Jake Tapper, and his loving wife Jennifer Marie Brown are planning something big for their upcoming 10th anniversary.

Ten years into their marriage, they still look like a freshly married couple. It seems as if they are planning to celebrate their 10 years anniversary with a bang. We don’t know for sure what they are planning to do, but sources reveal that the celebration is going to be very, very extravagant. It is being said that Tapper will be sparing no expense to ensure their big day is indeed very memorable.

Whatever the big surprise the pair have planned, one thing is sure, it will be a day to remember!!

Married in 2006, their married life is a fulfilling one. Unlike many other celebs out there, they are not hesitant to reveal their personal life. His wife Jennifer Marie Brown is associated with Planned Parenthood. They have two children.  

Tapper and Jennifer are one of those couple that compliments each other. They don’t hesitate to show their love to each other and remarkably their marriage have lasted a decade, which is not unseen but rather unique nowadays in the showbiz. This couple is one of the most adorable once that everyone looks up to and they seem to be keen on keeping this up.

Starting his career as a journalist in Washington city papers he sure has come a long way. Before coming to CNN in 2012, he had worked in ABC News since 2003.

Tapper is one of the few people who we can actually enjoy on air. His shows invite major personalities like President Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump etc and have them give answer to the public regarding major questions related to economy, humanity and society.

He has stated that he likes all arguments on his show. It is exciting to us as well since it explores various issues and solution and secrets that a normal interviewer or interviewee dare not disclose.

Tapper hosts the CNN show ‘The lead with Jack Tapper’ which reflects on various situation in the society and in politics. He has also been working as an anchor for the show ‘State of the Union’, since 2014, after Candy Crowleys’ departure.

Tappers’ devotion to his career and his remarkable work has won him many awards. Jake Tapper apparently ranked number one on the most influential journalist of 2010.

His net worth is expected to be just above $4 million dollars. So, we can estimate that his salary and pay check are pretty heavy too.

He is also an author and a cartoonist.