CNN News Anchor Fredricka Whitfield and husband John Glenn thinking of adopting children

December 15, 2015
First published on:December 15, 2015
by HitBerry

Renowned news anchor Fredricka Whitfield and her husband have announced their plans to adopt children. Sources close to the pair have stated that they are adopting children because they want to give a child an opportunity to be a part of their family. They also want the kid to receive privileges that the child might never have been able to if not for the adoption.

Whitfield and her husband John already have three children and are excited to welcome another into their family. Whitfield has already been communicating and getting the necessary papers required for the adoption ready, some sources claim.

However, unlike popular adoption trends in America, they have said they are not going to be adopting a child from outside the country. They have said they are going to adopt a child from within America from an underprivileged community and one who is currently in foster care.

Whitfield’s first son was born in 2005, after which she took a seven year hiatus before giving birth to two fraternal twins, a daughter named Nola Amanda Glenn and son Gilbert James Glenn, in November 2012.

Whitfield has also said that the reason she and her husband have opted for adoption is because she does not think she is capable of giving natural birth anymore at the age of fifty. She also said that she does not have the physical strength required to bring a child into this world.

Before they revealed their adoption plans, rumors had begun to circulate that the Glenn’s were looking for a surrogate mother. But the couple denied all such claims and cleared all doubts that remained by giving a joint statement in which they stated that they plan on adopting a child.

Whitfield is married to photographer John Glenn. Prior to their marriage, they were a couple for quite some time. Whitfield has also said that her husband was the ideal boyfriend for a woman who chooses journalism as her profession.

Whitfield and John first began dating when they were in the last years of their college. Since then, they have remained inseparable and have travelled all over the world as professionals working together and as couples on a holiday.

As a professional, Whitfield has achieved fame and regard for her audacious and extremely hostile interview with Joan Rivers, the former actress and comedian who died unexpectedly two months after the interview. She is also known for praising the 2015 Dallas police shooters by calling them “brave and courageous”

Whitfield has also given her mother Nola Whitfield due credit for bringing her and John together. Whitfield is of African American ethnicity. She is also of Nigerian descent through her mother.

Whitfield receives an annual salary of $400,000 from CNN and her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million dollars.

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