CNN journalist Brooke Baldwin Brings New Talk-show to Her Fans

Frank FancherPublished on   04 Jan, 2018Updated on   18 Apr, 2021

Kathy Griffin was replaced by CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin with his colleague Don lemon after the whole Donald Trump mock-head issue but it looks like the recent success is not what Brooke intended to accomplish.

Things don't always work out the way you want and same happened with Baldwin's plans in 2018.

She wanted to work on her own project (a talk show) which will highlight the leading professional women in the world but scenes CNN isn't interested in the project Baldwin is on her way to make her project happen in 2018.

The Emmy winner journalist believed that 2018 is a women's year and wants to contribute a healthy portion by herself. And as a step to that Baldwin is about lunch a program called "American Women" on a Time Warner outlet which would feature some of the biggest accomplished women beside her table on a chat show and in that series Baldwin will highlight the life aspect of women who have achieved the highest level of success and Jay David's wife Brooke is hopeful that the show will add another gem to her portfolio. 

Here are the details about stars that she is going to share the table with:

  • Fashion Designer Diane von Furstenberg
  • Director Ava Duvarney
  • Model Ashley Graham
  • Actress, writer/ director Issa Rae
  • Singer Sheryl Crow
  • Actress and comedienne Betty White
  • Fashion Designer Tracy Reese
  • Singer Pat Benatar

The show's date is not yet finalized but the journalist/comedian seems much interested in the upcoming project. Let's hope the show comes out as one of her finest projects. Despite the critics are judging the show's idea to be old and ingenious fans are waiting to see what will be the new aspect in the show; but as far as we know Baldwin, she is surely putting together all the best elements.