CNN correspondent Christine Romans and her husband together, Romans slams the divorce reports

HitBerryPublished on   28 Jun, 2015Updated on   12 May, 2021

Want to learn better ways of managing your money? Then here’s a suggestion, just surf through your internet and watch a few episodes of CNN’s news show “Your Money”. And you know who the host of this immensely popular business show is? Yes you got it, it’s none other than Christine Romans, the beautiful CNN correspondent and host. She is talented TV presenter and author of her two famous books, "How To Speak Money" and "Smart Is The New Rich". Well, it can be after hearing her powerful words and strong presentation on television, one can’t help getting impressed.

The 44 year old media celebrity an avid twitter user. She recently tweeted about the legality of the same sex marriage and her support towards it. Now that the most powerful country of the world, the USA has legalized the same sex marriage, the whole media have turned their attention towards the issue. Romans’ tweets are clearly emphasized on the global economy and the financial status of the country.

After all these money talk, let’s talk about her personal life. As we all that Christine Romans is one of the best media personalities of present time. Due to her popularity, she is always under the constant media limelight and scrutiny of paparazzi. So, both her personal and professional lives are the usual content of the gossips columns.

Recently, rumors have flown high about Romans having marital issues relation with her husband Ed Tobin. As per recent reports, it was said that Romans and Tobin were having hard times together and were in a verge of separation. Tobin, the Reuters editor was said to be having some personal issue with his wife Romans. It was even said that the reason behind their feud was the increasing fame and popularity of Romans.

The 44 year old Romans has been working with CNN Network since 1999. The CNN anchor has also covered many national and international financial events and has also reported from the floor of New York Stock Exchange from the past. Romans, while attending Iowa State University Christine majored in French in addition to Journalism and Mass Communication and spent extensive time in France as an exchange student. The 5 feet 7 inches tall television personality previously hosted Street Sweep on the now defunct network, CNNf.

Well, the media reports were considered to be ‘true’ until recently Romans clearly denied rumors of their divorce. Romans has dissed all the rumors as hoaxes. She said that their relation was as smooth as ever and they didn’t have any intention of splitting with each other. The mother of three children, Romans does not seem happy with all the ‘baseless’ and ‘false’ reports making rounds in the media.