CNBC reporter Kayla Tausche, married to husband Jeffrey Izant since April, blissfully happy together

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Kayla Tausche, a famous anchor at CNBC known for her intricate work on the Facebook IPO has just married her long time boyfriend Jeffery Izant. Kayla, although married to Izant, won’t be taking Iznat’s name and will carry on using her maiden name as a professional anchor. Kayla married Jeffery in the famous Christ the King Cathedral in Atlanta with a huge number of guests which included famous personalities to.

Kayla and Jeffery are a long time couple who started to date in college. Kayla works for CNBC in New York and Jeffery is a lawyer for the prestigious law firm Graufis and Co. Having recently married, the couple was seen holidaying in the Mediterranean and other European countries. After they returned State side, Kayla told the media that she had a wonderful time and now they are going to settle down with their lives and hopefully start a family as early as they can.

Kayla’s professional specialization involves financial news and intricate market analysis. She has been compared to legend Eric Brunett, and many people consider her work second only to Eric’s. Kayla is loved and admired by a huge fan following which has enhanced her popularity ten folds.

Kayla is also an active feminist and is known for her participation for women welfare and betterment of lives for women who remain underprivileged throughout the country. She has also hosted many programs to create awareness for gender equality in professional fields.

Some of Kayla’s most known works include her through analysis of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which gathered wide spread attention on the matter . This left many people in the US to revisit their stand on the American economy. Her contribution to international journalism includes her groundbreaking investigation into the world famous UK phone hacking scandal and also the MF global bankruptcy.

Her popularity and an ever increasing demand for her have led her to simultaneously contribute with MSNBC, TODAY and NBC nightly news. She also hosts the shows Squawk Box, Squawk on the Street and her most viewed show which started a trend across America “Power Lunch”.

Kayla’s experience is unprecedented in the world of journalism as she has an international experience to her name. She first started her career in America and then moved to the UK to further her area of expertise and a number of other European nations.

Her most important International cover of news was when she conducted the British handover of Hong Kong to the Chinese government prior to the new millennium. Her in- depth analysis of the historic process was acclaimed by prominent journalist worldwide.

Kayla, also known for her good looks and sharp features, has a height of 1.67 meters, which is about 5feet 6 inches.  Kayla is a very active person and used to run long distance in college and she has recently declared that she is now an active Marathon runner.

Kayla is active on social net working platforms like Twitter because her professional work calls for it and she has over 45K followers on the site and can be followed under the username @kaylatausche.