CNBC reporter Joe Kernen's hair put to the test after years of speculation with the Toupee Challenge

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Men have been having issues with hair loss for generations now. In some instances, men overcome the ordeal, while some are defeated and humiliated at the same time with shame being their punishment for the rest of their lives. However, men today have been using different techniques and modern innovation to outwit their erstwhile enemy. With the help of a number of hair rejuvenating procedures and products available in the market, men have come a long way from wigs to hair transplant.

Legendary CNBC reporter Joe Kernen has been under strict fan scrutiny for a number of years for his perfect hair. Joe has been asked whether he wears a toupee by many fans. And due to the ever increasing demands, especially after the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he finally went through with a Toupee challenge.

After rejecting the proposal a number of times, Kernen was being teased for not telling the truth about his hair. Under pressure due to public opinion and his faithful fans, Joe decided to take the challenge, but away from camera.

The test started at the back of the CNBC official where Joe was seated behind a protective glass and a super powered leaf blower was brought on to literally blow his hair away.  All this while, Joe showed no sign of nervousness or fear. He rather looked as confident as ever.

After the ordeal began, the camera showed Joe for a few seconds focusing on him, moved away and instantly spanned back to reveal a bald Joe Kernen. However, this video fails to prove the fans unanswered question as to whether Joe really wears a toupee or not. The video has been proved to be adulterated and Joe has tweeted “I guess you’ll never know now”.

After the challenge, Joe’s co –anchor joked and asked Joe to put his toupee back on and come back to the set. Joe has mentioned his toupee challenge was done for the same reason as the ALS challenge – to raise money to fight against Alopecia totalis, which is a rare condition in which no hair growth is found on the head among people with the condition.

Apart from his hair issues, Joe has had a successful career as a news broadcaster. He is nicknamed the kahuna for his direct and audacious commenting techniques. He is currently hosting one of the most famous shows on CNBC tilted Squawk Box. Before beginning his career as a news journalist, Joe worked as a stock broker on Wall Street.

Joe is married to his long time girlfriend Penelope Scott and they have been married for almost twenty years now. They have only one son out of their marriage. Joe is 58 years of age and has said that he is looking forward to his 60’s.

Joe is a fairly popular figure on Twitter with over 60K followers and can be followed under the username @JoeSquawk. Joe has made a ton of money as a stock broker. But, his current salary has remained undisclosed by the network due to contract arrangements.

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