CNBC reporter Brian Sullivan, age 44, now analyzing the economy on Twitter

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Brian Sullivan is the financial analysis genius who successfully predicted the recovery of the Japanese stock market in 2013. Many have stated that is abilities and perception of financial movements is a gift. But he has claimed that it is nothing to do with gift, but is all due to his perseverance and hard work in trying to understand the market and world economy better.

Other than his spectacular forecast of the Asian market bouncing back, he has also been credited as being the first financial journalist to highlight and forecast the risk of the housing bubble in the year 2006- 2007. Due to his severe and intricate take on the subject, the economy was able to avert a major financial calamity, which would, if not checked, prove disastrous for the American economy.

His successful highlight of the risk in the housing bubble caused wide spread panic in many countries in Europe and customers of the famous British bank Northern Rock withdrew over $2 billion in cash within three days to avoid any sort of problem that could have arisen if the prediction had not been made.

Sullivan is also known for his recent documentary film, America’s Gun: Rise of the Ar-15. This speaks on the topic of American people and their right to owning guns – many consider the issue being fundamental to citizens of America.

Brian, prior to joining his current company CNBC, worked in Bloomberg Television, which wholly is based as a financial television for 12 years. He was a producer, reporter and anchor for the television. He went on to work for Fox Business Network for 3 years and then finally joining CNBC.

Other than financial reporting, he also reported the entire winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia in 2014, which showed his ability of reporting outside of finance.

Prior to establishing his career as a Financial Journalist he used to trade chemical commodities for Mitsubishi International.

Bryan loves to race cars and is a dedicated racer he has raced in the prestigious Formula Mazda and Spec Racer Ford winning each competition once. He is just 44 years of age and has said the golden years of his career has yet to begin even after accomplishing so much already in the Financial sector.

Bryan has also started to give financial tips on his Twitter page, where he is constantly posting new tweets online about various different market movements from around the globe.  His new method, he has said, is his way of telling stories through the prism of commerce and Finance. He does not use the social net working site Instagram and is known to keep his private life out of media scrutiny.

The little that we know about Bryan’s personnel life is that he is married and has a son and has been cited many times saying he is a full time dad to his young son who is just 5 years old.


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