CNBC Hottest News anchor Susan Li, Know about her net worth, salary, career

HitBerryPublished on   29 Nov, 2016Updated on   18 May, 2021

Why do news channels choose best-looking people to host or anchor their shows? I mean that is such a smart move, man. You just wanna stare them and never turn away. Likewise, I have come up with the name ‘Susan Li’; you know I can’t look away when she is on TV; she is so hot that it hurts bad, lol.

So, we sure do know how hot she is, but do you ever wonder how hot her salary or net worth is? Trust me; she earns more than most of the celebrities in the whole world. Let us find out about her career to everything you need to know about her.

Susan Li Net Worth and Salary

We already know that she works for CNBC, right! And we similarly know how much they pay their staffs. If you don’t, as indicated by, an average salary of a CNBC anchor is around $650,995 per year. And according to, her net worth is about $3 million. Quite of an amount, eh! I wonder the same freaking thing. I knew she was a hell of a looker, but I didn’t know that she earned in 7 figures. I think it’s pretty amazing. What do you guys think? 

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Susan Li Career

Susan’s career turned on when she worked for ‘Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’ as an associate producer and a freelance reporter for both TV and radio. In 2006, she joined ‘Bloomberg Television’. And there she hosted ‘Edge and Morning Call’. Susan also covered ‘2008 Summer Olympic’ in Beijing; the ‘Shanghai World Expo’, ‘The Global Financial Crisis’ and ‘The Chinese Stock Market Bubble’.

In 2012, she was seen hosting the show called ‘First Up’ for which Li was highly appreciated for her work and even won the ‘Best News Program Award’ at the 17th Asian Television Awards. Ever since then, she has been one of the people on TV who seized people attention all across the world. As far as we are concerned, she is a hell of a person. löl  

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To this day, Susan has interviewed top notch people like CEO of Baidu Robin Li, CEO Larry Fink and, author Malcolm Gladwell, Blackrock Chairman, Gary Locke’ and etcetera. She also worked with ‘CCTV’ in Beijing where Li hosted ‘Biz China’, ‘The Business News recap’; and she was also a news editor there.  In 2014, she joined CNBC as a co-anchor of ‘Asia Squawk Box’. To be honest, there aren’t enough words to describe Susan and her work. All I can say is that she is ridiculously hot and such an amazing person.

Susan Li’s Car

As one of her posts indicated that she drives a ‘Bentley’ and ‘Aston Martin DB9’. Well, she captions it by saying “Only in Singapore -- can you elevate your car into your living room to admire!”. So, one in a million chances, maybe it is hers.  

'Aston Martin' and 'Bentley'.

'Aston Martin' and 'Bentley'.

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