Cleo Massey's personal and professional life.

April 14, 2016
First Published On: April 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Australian actress Cleo Massey is best remembered for her portrayal as the complete brat, Kim Sertori in the successful television series H2O: Just Add Water.

Massey was seen starring in the cast of H2O: Just Add Water for four years. The show is regarded as the successful children’s show which aired in over 120 countries worldwide and filmed about 3 seasons.

Since a very tender age, Massey had always been very interested in the show business. Being the daughter of legendary actress and acting teacher, Anna Waters Massey, at the age of 11, she got the opportunity to start off her career in acting. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows as child artist since 2006.

It has been only a decade but she has reached great heights in her career. The young actress has appeared in various TV shows, short movies, and commercials, not only in her homeland, Australia but also in other foreign countries.

Massey has also starred in few movies with her mother, Anna Waters Massey. The real life mother and daughter played on-screen mother and daughter in the short thriller movie Humidity Rising in 2006. Moreover, in 2010, Massey along with her mother and younger brother, Joey Massey appeared in the short movie Futility.

Massey made her first television debut as Brittany’s Cheer Squad in the 2006 television series Mortified. On the same year, she was featured as the drowning girl, Bianca in the American TV show Monarch Cove.

In 2010, Massey starred in the Neil McGregor’s feature movie The Little Things. Her portrayal as Young Dee as well as the movie received critical acclaim and huge appreciation.

She made an appearance on the music video Free You Be You in order to support the anti-bullying campaign in Australia.

Apart from acting, she is known to be very talented in singing and dancing. She has been involved in a number of music videos, jingles and voice-over works. She had even performed a cover of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning when she was young. Though she still makes covers, with a Diploma in music, she might soon release her own music album.

She made her recent appearance on the Mitch Ziems’ short movie I’m Home in 2012 which involved actors as Ray Sinclair, Racquel Evara, Anna Walters Massey and Joey Massey.

She was featured as Cheryl in the Australian web series Dynamic Pizza in 2015.

There have not been many rumors about her love affair. However, it is said that she might be dating and have a boyfriend.

According to the, Cleo Massy has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of about 50 kg.

The net worth of young actress and songwriter has not been estimated yet.