Clemson Head Coach and amateur dancing sensation Dabo Swinney is bringing his team back to the top

December 6, 2015
First Published On: December 6, 2015

Clemson Tigers Football coach Dabo Swinney is really popular for his genius football strategies. He has got the football skills of Tom Landry and dance moves like that of Mick Jagger.  Clemson Tigers’ head coach is gaining popularity for the routine dance he shares with the players in the locker room after a victory.

Dabo has danced to Drake’s Hotline Bling, Pharaell William’s Happy and  even Whip and  Nae Nae . This has made his a small time dancing celebrity. But don’t let the words ‘small time' fool you, he has real skills. He dances like he was born to spend his time in dance floor.

The swag Swinney displays in dance floor goes to the football pitch with him. He has taken a fairly mediocre team of Clemson Tigers and transformed them into arguably one of the best in college football. Dabo Swinney’s Clemson Tigers is undefeated in college football this season. They stayed in number one position in rankings published by various critics.

His approach to the game is considered to be very physically demanding. His players have appreciated his focus on the basic physical attributes required to excel in the game. The coach considers height, weight, speed and concentration to be very important part of the game. He trains his players around these core criteria. He has total control over the training camp and has the personality to convince player do what he wants them to do.

He is only 56 years by age. But he has already gained a place among the greatest college football coaches because of his unique approach to the game. His head to head record in college football is 74-26, which is very impressive.

Dabo climbed through the rank of assistant coach to take the position of head coach for Clemson Tigers. Before working for Clemson Tigers, Dabo spent 10 years in Alabama, where he held the position of both assistant coach and head coach. The success story that Dabo is began when he took over the Tigers midway through 2008 season. After taking over the Tigers, he has been guiding them to successful seasons year after year.

His current contract with the Clemson expires in 2021. This contract will see him getting paid over $3.1 million dollars a year as his salary. He is expected to have his salary raised after this season, which saw him produce one of the most successful seasons in Tigers’ history.

He married his wife Katherine Basslet in 1994. He has three children with her. He has reportedly said his wife helps him out with his dancing. Swinney has credited his wife for keeping him updated about the latest trends that develops around dance culture.