Is Claudia Salas Dating Martina Cariddi In Real Life? Her Personal Details And Relationships

Since the release of Elite's recent episode, fans are curious to know more about the new characters, but they have not forgotten the old and their favorites characters. There are two characters in certain that many people can't wait to see, and they are Rebe and Mencía (Claudia Salas and Martina Cariddi).

When they meet each other for the first time, one of them begins to develop feelings. Fans loved the relationship between Rebe and Mencía. They're one of the most famous couples in the original series. So, viewers are already wondering if they are dating in real life, but most of them are eager to know about the relationship with Salas:

Relationship Status: Is Claudia Salas Dating Someone?

Moving onto the personal life of the Elite actress, Salas appears to be single as she has not made a single post concerning her love life. So, it can be said that the actress is single and is not dating anyone. But she has shared a snap with Ricardo Gómez that created confusion among her viewers.

However, they just seem to be a good friend. Apart from that, some online sources, including Fansided, have said that she is dating a man named Juan Ramon Molin. But the statement seems to be just a rumor which has been mentioned without any fact. 

Also, Salas has not talked anything about this topic. Considering this fact, we can say that the La paste star prefers to keep herself away from unwanted gossip and keeps her personal data from media sources.

Are Martina Cariddi and Salas Dating Each Other?

As mentioned earlier, there are many rumors regarding the relationship between Cariddi and Salas has been a matter of concern to many people. Salas plays the role of Rebe, and she has been a fan choice since she entered the show in Elite season 2. When she reaches Las Encinas, she becomes friends with Samuel and eventually likes him. 

CAPTION: Claudia Salas starred together with Martina Cariddi in Elite SOURCE: Twitter @eliteseason5

They get together and are a pair for a while before breaking up. In season 4, Rebe meets Mencía (Martina Cariddi) and begins to develop feelings for her but doesn't know how to deal with them due to past concussions. However, Mencía persists in pursuing Rebe, and Rebe ultimately gives in. Sadly, things do not conclude well for the lovely pair by the end of season 4.

From the above information, we can say that they are only friends and co-workers. So, they are not in a relationship. Talking about Cariddi, she was in a relationship with Spanish actor and model Iván Pellicer in 2021. But now, she seems to be leading a single life. 

Short Details On Salas' Net Worth

Being one of the most prominent actresses in the Spanish film industry, Salas has added a decent amount of money to her bank account. Some online source estimates her net worth to be around $500,000 to $1 million. No doubt, Salas has earned most of her gains from her professional acting career.

Not to mention, an actress in Spain earns around $50321.16 on average. So, we can say that the actress may accumulate in the same range from her profession. In addition to that, Salas makes a good profit from sponsorships and endorsement deals. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, she earns $9,565 - $15,941 from a single sponsored post on Instagram. 

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