Claire Marshall talks about what she likes in a guy.

HitBerryPublished on   15 Apr, 2016Updated on   26 May, 2021

Guys! Do you think women are complex and difficult to understand? Of course, women are one hell of a universe that often make us confused about what they actually want.

So today we have brought an article about what the popular British journalist Claire Marshall from BBC News has to say about what a woman wants.

Basically, Claire is a rock star and has a wide height of audiences especially the fellows of millenary age. She knows how to keep the crowd around and her blogs active.

Well! Recently she opens up about what a woman wants. She included all the details possible and she did not hesitate, she did not back down when she shared about.

SO what a girl wants??? Or should I say what Claire wants in a guy??

When she was asked about what she notices first notice about a guy’s look, she said she would focus on how he carries himself at once.

Claire without any hesitation emphasized that any guy should keep his skin simple and nothing is wrong with a basic skincare routine or finding a barber for hair. “Man ought to be tough but tanned skin is the worse”, she added.

Guys! If you have tanned skin, don’t worry there are plenty of women around who finds the tanned man very, very sexy.

In that chit shat, Claire was also asked about her personal life. When she was asked about what’s the best gift she’d gotten from a guy, she replied with a wide smile on her face “For Christmas this past year my boyfriend got us tickets to see The Nutcracker. It was such a thoughtful gift because he knew I’d been a ballerina growing up and it would be his first time seeing a ballet. Sharing that experience with him was very special and I smile every time I think about it.”, she said.

She also did not forget to mention about the best gift she had given a guy. “For my boyfriend’s birthday I got us a helicopter tour of New York. Throughout our long distance relationship (NY ? LA) we’ve shared a lot of wonderful experiences together and he was just starting to talk about moving to the West Coast. I thought it would be a one of a kind experience for us to share and a way for him to see the city he loved in a new way.”, she added.

Now here’s the main part. Guys focus. She shared about What’s one thing all women wishes guys would understand about them.

You can’t blame everything on our ovaries and a lot of the time we have very different ideas of what “natural makeup” looks like. How important is…his place? his job? his fitness level? his ability to cook?”, she said.

She further adds “I think it’s important to find a passion and a balance. A passion because whether it’s your job, hobby or home, seeing someone live what they love can be so contagious and I love that. Finding a balance so you can do what you love and live a comfortable life. Also it doesn’t hurt to do some fitness or have the ability to make a killer grilled cheese.”

She then ended the conversation suggesting the girls want a dinner and nice conversation on the first date.