Chuck Todd dispells rumors of his early retirement to spend more time with his wife and children

September 10, 2015
First Published On: September 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Chuck Todd has no plans in retiring anytime soon. The MSNBC announcer, who is also the political director for NBC News, has dispelled all speculations of him wanting to take an early retirement. He went on to say “I am at the prime of my career and with so much happening nowadays there is no time for retirement.”

MSNBC has just announced that Todd will be returning to the network with a political show that will air daily which will wholly focus on the upcoming US presidential election of 2016. Alongside, he will continue to host Meet the Press which he has been hosting since September 2014.

Todd is known for his direct approach to political news and being critical of the recent Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He has also created a stir by analyzing Hillary Clinton’s campaign and saying it is close to “Getting close to being in Crisis Mode”.

Before his political analysis job, Todd was chief white house correspondent for NBC news. He also hosted a political show in NBC, “The Rundown” and went on to be the political director of the studio in 2007.

Todd studied political science in college but failed to graduate. In order to add to his knowledge of the stream, he helped in many political campaigns in and around his home state in Florida. Out of all those campaigns, his most prominent one came when he worked for a presidential campaign for Senator Tom Harkin of the Democrat party.

After that, he spent 15 years on the NBC network’s most influential show “The Hotline”. In this time he became the prime specialist in political campaigns in all levels and went on to head the division as chief director.

Todd is an active political blogger and contributor to major news daily in America. After having a huge following, Todd’s views are taken rather seriously in Washington and the whole of USA. He was ranked as the most influential journalist in the year 2009 to 2011 by the political analysis website Mediate. He has also received an honor degree on human letters from the University of Marymount for his contributions to journalism and media.

Todd is married to his long time girlfriend Kristian Denny Todd. Todd’s wife is representative of presidential candidate Jim Webb. The couples have two children – one daughter Margaret and a son Harrison. Chuck is one of the highest paid anchors in MSNBC and his salary is reportedly over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per annum. His net worth is an estimated $7.5 million. Todd is very active on social networking platforms like Twitter, as expected, since he is a news anchor. He has tweeted a record 41.5k tweet and has a huge following of over 493k people.