Christina El Moussa - Biography - Real Estate Agent from Flip Or Flop TV Series

February 7, 2018
First Published On: August 31, 2016
by HitBerry

Christina El Moussa is a real estate business person and also co-hosts the famous TV show Flip or Flop alongside her husband Tarek El Moussa.


Christina El Moussa Early Life

Christina was born on 3rd July 1983, in Anaheim, California. She was raised in Anaheim Hills, California.

Christina El Moussa Career

33-year-old Christina entered the real estate business right after she completed her college education.Blonde and beautiful Christina worked several years running a successful real estate agency in California itself where she was born and raised.  

Christina was already married to Tarek El Moussa when they started working for HGTV's Flip or Flop. The couple had to go through rough times because they were severely affected by the 2008 global crisis which especially hit the real estate market.

Tarek and his friend recorded a full-length video where he shot the whole process of house flipping and sent it to the team of HGTV. In 2012, they were signed by the producers of Flip or Flop. In the show, Christina handles the designs of the house and manages the schedule. 

She has also been a guest judge for HGTV's Brother vs. Brother, a reality TV show hosted by twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott.

Apart from television appearances, she is an extensive writer who has her articles published in her own real estate website, Success Path Education as well as Zillow - as a blogger.

She has also published her own DVD which provides insights into yoga and exercises with relation to prenatal pregnancy named Prenatal Power Yoga by Christina El Moussa. The couple is also on the verge of publishing their new book - Flip your Life.

Christina El Moussa Social Work

She has toured to several countries in North America with the motive of providing help to aspiring real estate investors. The pair also hosts training sessions to interested real estate individuals under the name of Success Path Education. 

Stolen Car

During one of their house flipping activities, their car was stolen in open daylight. Christina has written an article about her experience when she heard the car engine start. Apparently, a guy took their keys while the duo was busy talking and drove off with their SUV. The car was later found by police authorities and they sold the car to one of their employees.

Christina El Moussa Personal Life

Christina met her now husband Tarek El Moussa when she was into real estate business. She married Flip or Flop co-host Tarek in 2009 and the couple has two children together. Their first child, a daughter named Talyor is 8 years old while their youngest child, a son, Brayden is three-year-old. The happy family lives in Yorba Linda, California. 

Apart from her family, Christina is an avid reader who likes to spend her summer reading novels such as Luckiest Girl Alive and The Girl on a Train. She is also an extensive yoga doer and exercises a lot.

Christina El Moussa Healthy Diet

Mother of two, Christina El Moussa maintains a healthy diet. Every morning she consumes a jar of overnight oats – with flavors of cinnamon, banana, blueberry and peanut butter. She drinks smoothies and juices on a daily basis.

She prepares hummus for day-snack, for herself and her 1-year-old son Brayden. For meals, the family often eats vegetables, grains, and meat in order to maintain their diet level.

Christina El Moussa Husband’s cancer and Miscarriage

In 2013, a registered nurse named Ryan spotted a lump in Christina’s husband’s neck while watching the marathon of Flip or Flop. She emailed the producers of the show and later it was confirmed that Tarek was suffering from stage 2-thyroid cancer. He underwent extensive treatment.

Meanwhile, the couple’s dream to conceive a second child was in halt. In a dream of growing their family, Christina went through in-vitro treatments. The first ended in a failure, with the other one led to a miscarriage.

Christina El Moussa's Traumatic Birth

Christina’s firstborn baby, a girl, Taylor was born rather easily as compared to her second child, a son, Brayden. With Taylor, she was in labor for just three hours and there were no complications with her delivery.

She was in the labor room for 5 hours and when she was ready to deliver, the baby’s shoulder was stuck and he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. In this situation, she had to go for an emergency C-section.

She was physically weak due to the surgery  - she was on bed rest for 2 weeks and she was able to get back on track after 6 weeks, with intensive yoga and exercise.

Christina El Moussa's Instagram Controversy

Last year in December 2015, after she had a rather difficult birth of her son Brayden, she posted a picture with the caption "Nothing sweeter #MommysBigHelper". But she received a rather mean comment on the post which led her to take a screenshot of the comment and post it in public so that people would know that going through such difficult times is not easy and there is nothing to be shameful about it.