Christie Laing talks about her personal life, TV shows and more.

April 3, 2016
First Published On: April 3, 2016
by HitBerry

Canadian actress Christie Laing has been captivating audiences by her performance in two of the most watched American tv shows “Arrow” and “Once Upon a Time”. She recently talked about the development of her character on the show “Once Upon a Time” and also went into some details about her life.

Christie began acting on the show as a guest actress in season two and season three. And then she was casted as a recurring cast member in season four. She has said that her importance has definitely grown from the previous season. However she cannot get into the minute details about it.

She shared about her growing up as a teenager to her formative years as a young adult to where she has reached at the moment.  She described how she loved English and literature as subjects and how she could not afford college but in terms of time and money.

She rather decided to work so she could act. Now she believes she would like to get back to college and get a degree. She has also shared that her favorite hobby is eating. And she spends most of her time trying out restaurants and different cuisines.

She also is very outdoorsy and loves to hike. She currently has said she is looking forward to joining a cooking class and would like to take self-defense or something more combat serious classes and training in the near future.

Christie is also a travel lover and has expressed her will to travel the world. On a relationship level she has not yet married and has been known to say has yet to meet a man that she believes is husband material for her.

However over the years she has been known to have several boyfriend and numerous affairs but nothing substantial has come up from any of them. At the moment she is not into dating, due to her busy work schedule and also because she in involved in so many projects.

She has been in the industry for around sixteen years and in this time has featured in over twenty different productions. Some of the movies she is known for are “June in January”, “Nearlyweds” and “Window Wonderland”.

However she has fared better in the sphere of tv shows and is known for shows like “Arrow”, “Once Upon a Time” and “Unreal”. She is considered on being one of the top ten hot tv actress at the moment by fans.

She is currently working on the upcoming season of once upon a time. It has also been rumored that she could be working on a movie too.

Christie’s net worth remains to be undisclosed. However it is believed that most of her earnings have come from her various acting works.