Christian Lacroix and his wife, who he's been married to for 42 years going through a divorce??

March 27, 2016
First Published On: March 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Christian Lacroix is one of those fashion designer who needs no introduction. This famous French is known for his work on Face (2009), Ready to Wear (1994) and  Images de femmes ou Le corset social (2011). He is one of the people who knows how to totally rock the Paris Fashion Week. He ruled the’80s and still today is regarded as one of the world’s finest.

Although he has been in industry for around five decades, he is a professional who does not reveal much about his personal life. We don’t know anything about his past dating records.

Interested in the world of fashion, Christian’s aim in his life was to become a museum curator.

Christian met his future wife, Françoise Rosenthiel in 1973 when Christian was not getting any jobs that we wanted to work on. At that time, she was a boutique manager and she was the main catalyst to change the course of his career. They got married in 1974.

There are many rumors related to Christian getting divorced to Francoise but there are no evidence to prove them. Furthermore, they seems to be happily married with a perfectly normal life. The question remains whether they are actually happy or just window dressing but based on our facts, it does not seem they are planning to get divorced anytime soon. There are also rumors about him being a homosexual but since he is married to a woman, it is doubtful that he is a gay.

According to Christian, his inspiration was Christian Dior, who he took as a role model while pursuing his career. He was always keen on taking history and art class to further enhance his knowledge.

Going through so much struggle, Christian has certainly found his piece of success. Now, his own company Christian Lacroix House enjoys around 60% of the French market share. The brand is famous all over the world with more than 1000 point of sale around the world. His expertise lies in jeans, children’s wear, lingerie, shoes, bags, etc. Later, Christian also extended his product line to stationary products such as notebooks and journals.

His achievement timeline, biography and other information are available on and on the internet site for the fans to read.

Christian’s contribution to fashion industry has awarded him with various awards, accolades and honors. He is believed to be one of the most influential fashion designer of this time and has influenced many present fashion designer. Christian has won Golden Globe award and Asian Film award for best designer and costume designer which shows the worth of his talent.

Christian is active in social media who often posts picture of his design for his audiences to view. He is active in both Instagram and Twitter with more than hundred thousand followers on the latter.

Like much of his private life, not much about his salary of net worth has been disclosed but considering his work, it is estimated to be in millions of dollars.