Christian Kane's elusive dating life: Is he married? engaged? or has a girlfriend?

February 23, 2018
First Published On: August 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Known for his piercing blue eyes and husky, southern-accented voice, Christian Kane is a heartthrob for hundreds of thousands of ladies. The singer, with the ladykiller looks and height, has always made headlines for his heart-touching singing and his acting skills.


The singer turned actor; aged 41 is the kind of celebrity who does not like to talk much about his private life and personal issues. Check out if the handsome hunk is dating or engaged or married right below.

Is Christian Kane dating or single or engaged or married?

Kane's personal life, especially his romantic relationships with women, has always been a very hot topic for discussion. Many ladies would die to be a part of his life. Most girls would love to be the lady love for this cowboy, but the singer is very discreet about his love life.

[ CAPTION: Christian Kane ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

There are lots of speculations going on about the "Let Me Go" hitmaker as to whether he is dating anyone lately or not. We are not sure about his present love life because the talented actor and musical artist, who has given us some hit albums have not been seen with anyone recently.

The famous singer has hardly been seen going out with any new girls, so it is tough to speculate as to who he is romantically involved with.

[ CAPTION: Christian Kane ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The answer lies either with Kane himself or in the future, as we can only discover the truth in upcoming days.

We hope that the singer, who has been inspiring and impressing all of us with his beautiful songs and heartwarming lyrics, finds a beautiful and deserving girlfriend. And our best wishes are with him, and we want to hear the news of him getting married to someone very soon.

Christian Kane Past Affairs

The Into the West star has previously been linked up with several women. Despite his hushed up romantic life, Kane has dated beauties like Linda Brava, Whitney Duncan, and Sofia Pernas.

The singer himself has never opened up about his relationships with any of the ladies above, but reports and sources have claimed that he indeed has had an intimate relationship with them.

[ CAPTION: Christian Kane ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The lead vocalist of the country-southern rock band Kane dated a Finnish classical concert violinist and recording artist Linda Brava a long time ago in 1998. He later had a brief affair with American Country music artist and reality TV star Whitney Duncan.

Their fling started in 2006, but they separated in 2007. Kane went on to date sexy model cum actress Sofia Pernas in 2011. But if we are to believe the reports, they have also spilled, and now the handsome hunk is single, and he apparently loves it.

[ CAPTION: Christian Kane ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

His relationship with these beautiful divas is purely based on the claims of various anonymous sources. The secrets behind his mysterious love life with them might be yet another tittle-tattle that usually surrounds the celebrities in Hollywood.