Chris Pontius Divorced Claire Nolan and is Dating a Girlfriend

Right after the divorce, many people try to numb the pain and some people stay single. It takes a huge courage to move away from the pain and to start a brand new life. Even after several relationship failures, one can get lucky enough to get the love of their life.

All the above case describes Chris Pontius. After Chris Pontius divorced wife Claire Nolan back in 2013, it looks like he has now found his lady love. Girls, he is no more single. Check out Chris Pontius dating life below:

Chris Pontius Divorced Claire Nolan

Christopher Andrew Pontius professionally known as Chris Pontius is an American musician, actor, and a stunt performer. You might know him from the MTV reality stunt show "Jackass". He even co-hosted Wildboyz with Steve-O.

Back to the business! Everyone might be familiar about Pontius's relationship with Claire Nolan. The couple started dating in 2003 and tied the knot on 29th October 2004 after almost two years of getting together (exactly one year and ten months) in Dublin.

Chris Pontius Divorced Claire Nolan Chris Pontius Divorced Claire Nolan   Source: express

The duo lived together for around five years and officially separated in 2009. Nolan wanted the split and filed the paper in El Lay Country Superior Court.
While surfing around to know about the reason behind the couple's separation, Nolan described it as "irreconcilable differences". However, their divorce was finalized in October 2013 after four years of separation.

Who is Chris Pontius Dating?

Even after the divorce from Nolan, Pontius still managed to find the love of his life. He is now dating Mae who is active on Instagram as ladyboner69. As Rick Kosick posted a picture of the pair in June 2012, at the moment, it looks like the couple has been dating for a long time.

Pontius is not shy and has no fear to share the pictures of his lady love on his Instagram account. Back in May, he shared an image of vacation in South Africa with his girlfriend on Instagram.

In another side, Pontius's girlfriend also shares multiple pictures of Pontius. Have a look:

The couple is quite busy expressing their love on their Instagram. It looks like the couple is deeply and madly in love with each other.