Chris Mullin and wife Liz Mullin contemplating a divorce; rumors of Chris having a girlfriend outside of marriage

April 23, 2017
First Published On: October 23, 2016

Chris Mullin, the former Sacramento Kings special advisor, basketball player and present head coach of St.John’s Red Storm, has denied all rumors regarding him and his wife Liz Mullin and their alleged up-coming divorce. Chris has called the allegations brainless and ill-mannered.

Chris and Liz have a very healthy and strong relationship. And, they have said. over the years it has been growing even more concrete. Liz has previously said that every year they grow stronger as a couple. The couple have four children, from their long married life.

The pair began dating in late 1989. It took them three more years to marry. Chris has said that Liz was the perfect girlfriend anyone could have.

He has stated that she was extremely supportive and despite Chris being the sportsman in the relationship, Liz Chris has said was the actual rock.

Religion and Sport life

Chris and Liz are both devoted Roman Catholics who rely on their faith daily. They have also raised their children in a religious environment.

Chris, on a professional level, has had a wonderful career. Just a few years back, he was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. Chris was also part of the 1992 US men’s Olympic basketball team, which has been awarded the honor of the title “The Dream Team”. No other team in the world has had this honor.

Chris, in his seventeen year career, played mostly for the Golden State Warriors. He spent three seasons with the Indiana pacers before returning to his original team, the Warriors, prior to retirement. Mullin, early on his career, was a sensational player with his per game stats reaching as high as twenty five points per game and five rebounds.

He also led the Warriors to five straight playoff appearances, a record the present Warrior team, with their star Stephen Curry, wish to disassemble. Chris is also a five time all star player, a feat that is very difficult to achieve for the average NBA player. He also has two Olympic gold medals with him.

For most of his career Chris played as a shooting forward. With a height 6 feet 6 inches, he was one of the toughest players to defend in the NBA history.

Chris’ career stats are also one of the most impressive among the old school Warrior’s players. His overall Points totaled 17,911 with per game average of 18.2; his rebounds totaled to 4,034 with per game average to 4.1; and his assist accumulated to 3,450 with per game average to 3.5, which are very impressive for a player playing a shooting guard position.

Outside of his professional life, Chris is also known for his various charitable works, most importantly for his various charitable works for the differently able people.

He is a strong supporter of wheelchair basketball and has been whole heartedly promoting the game ever since 2013 across various continents and countries. Chri's net worth remains undisclosed.

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