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Chris Long Married Megan O'Malley in 2013 and living happily as Husband and Wife

February 6, 2017
First published on:February 6, 2017
by John

Christopher Howard Long; an American football defensive end of the National Football League for the New England Patriots. He first began playing college football at Virgina and was actually drafted by St. Louis Rams.

These days, the players have been most searched than the celebrities. People are keen to know the personal information of the players rather than the known celebrities. Today, here we will be discussing the personal life of Chris Long. Know more about him.

Chris Long Is Married to Megan O'Malley

If you are wondering and searching the current relationship of Chris Long, then sorry ladies, Chris is already taken, in fact, he is already married and reserved. To be frank, the personal information of players is rarely broadcasted in the media. Chris has also been too much secretive about his personal life thus rarely speaks with the media.

Chris Long

Chris Long

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Till the date, the couple first date and their relationship before marriage have not been revealed. It's very hard to find their love relationship. But we do have their marital life information. Chris got married to Megan (daughter of Joe O'Malley) on 22nd June 2013.

It's been around 3 years and 7 months that the couple is married and to say, their marital life is also going very smooth. It's really an amazing portion of life to marry the one who is also working on the same field. This will actually help the couple to know more and understand better about each other's life.

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There is no any kind of fights or breakup ever published about the couple. There is no any divorce issue or separation news ever broadcasted in the media. So, we can imagine that their relationship will be long lasting.

Looking back, Chris Long once dated Polish actress Joanna Modes whereas Megan O'Malley's past affairs have not been revealed yet.

Chris Long and Megan O'Malleys' Children

Chris and Megan is actually blessed with a child. Just after around two years of their marriage, the couple was blessed with a son. Megan gave birth to their first child, son, on March 2, 2016, who is now only 11 months old. The couple has named the child as Waylon James Long.

Going through Chris Long's official Instagram account, we found out that he has shared numbers of pictures of his son. The posted pictures are the most beautiful pictures you will ever see today. Check it out:

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

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