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Chris Jericho blocks WWE on Twitter, calls them "idiots."

May 16, 2016
First published on:May 16, 2016
by John

WWE twitter account mentioned Dean Ambrose wearing Chris Jericho’s jacket after eventually destroying it. What happened next? Chris blocked official WWE on twitter calling them Idiots.

It seems WWE reminded him of the pain that he wanted to forget, the pain was worth $15,000. I guess anyone would get frustrated if your trademark $15k jacket were to be destroyed apart but what can block the entire WWE official account possibly gain?

Watch here how it unfolded:

“You sure are taking great pleasure in my misfortune you stupid @wwe idiots. Well now you're BLOCKED!” Jericho responded to WWE’s twitter.

The even unfolded after Chris destroyed Dean's beloved potted plant Mitch over his head last week. The revenge story unfolds on May 9, 2016. But, we have to admit that light emitting jacket was legit.

The six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion jumped Jericho before his main-event match with Big Cass and strolled down to the ring with the jacket lighting his way, tearing it up before Jericho’s eyes. Although Jericho did get to beat Dean for a while, we don't think it was enough revenge for his iconic jacket.

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