Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Splits after various Dating Rumors and Relationship

February 9, 2017
First Published On: February 9, 2017
by HitBerry

You must have watched a movie, Captain America, if you are fan of Hollywood. Remember who played the lead role of the movie? The handsome, tall and young boy is non other than Chris Evans. We have been hearing a lot about his dating rumors lately.

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were known to be together for several months. Recently, the fans are going crazy after hearing that Chris and Jenny broke up. They are hitting the search engine by all their name. I think we can provide you something here.

Jenny and Chris


Chris Evans and Jenny Slate had a mutual break up.

Jenny Slate is a comedian, an actress, a voice actress and an author. First, let me tell you that Jenny was married to filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp in September 2012. They were toghther for almost four years but in May 2016 the couple announced officially that they are no longer in a relationship.

Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate


However, we did not get proper information about the reason for their split. It might be because the divorce was not as dramatic as we think. They seem to be happy by the decision they took.

Chris and Jenny dated some months after Jenny's divorce with her ex husband. Jenny says that she was quite scared when they first met. After metting with Chris she said that she could hang out with chris for more than 90 hours. Jenny was very happy to be in relation with Chris as she says Chris was her dream boyfriend. They have done a drama called 'Gifted' together which will be released in April 2017.

You may be surprised to know that rumors were going on that Jenny was pregnant when she was in a relationship with Chris. However, this turned out to be fake. We have a video for you about the pregnancy rumor. Have a look by yourself.

Now, these couple are being 'talk of the town' after people got to know that they broke up. Their nine months of relationship has finally come to an end. It is said that the reason behind the break up is their busy schedules and this is all mutual. There is nothing more than that. Watch the video to know more about their breakup.

Must SeeHot actress Jenny Slate and husband Dean Fleischer-Camp having their first baby