Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello is in Relationship with Lilianet Solares, Are they Engaged? Know in Detail

One of the famous TV personality, Chris ‘C.T’ Tamburello is currently dating Lilianet Solares. He has dated a couple of women but his current relationship with Lilianet has covered a lot a news headings. 

The couple has been together for quite a long time which makes people wonder if they tied the knot or still dating or at least engaged? Does Lilanet roam around the city wearing a ring on her ring finger? Do the couple have children of their own? Read more to know everything about Chris and Lilianet.

C.T. Tamburello Dating Lilianet Solares

The couple has been keeping their relationship behind the curtains for a long time. They haven’t even revealed anything about how and when the couple first met. Lilanet is a renowned model and resides in Cape Coral, Florida and is Hispanic.

[ CAPTION: Chris Tamburello's girlfriend and baby ][ SOURCE: Heavy ]

Well, researching to various sites, we came to know that the couple is neither married nor engaged. But there is a surprise! The couple has a ‘baby’ together, CJ Lilianet. C.T kept on posting pictures of him with his son on various social sites but kept the mother of his child mysterious.

[ CAPTION: Chris Tamburello with his baby ][ SOURCE: Heavy ]

But recently, he revealed that the mother of the child is Lilianet Solares. The couple is currently living happily in a living-together relationship. Chris recently told in an interview that the reason behind his return to The Challenge was his son.

Chris C.T Tamburello’s past relationship

If you turn the pages of Chris's past affairs, he dated one of the famous American TV personality Diem Brown in the year 2006. The couple dated for eight whole years. Sadly, in 2014, Diem died because of ovarian cancer.

Chris and Diem had already gotten engaged and he asked her to marry him just four days before Diem’s death.

[ CAPTION: Chris Tamburello with his ex-girlfriend ][ SOURCE: US weekly ]

Well, moving on from such a deep relationship must have been harsh for Chris, but for now, he has found the love of his life. He is now living happily with his current girlfriend and their son.