Chris Brochu feels honored to have played a gay character, however, he will only be dating women

HitBerryPublished on   11 Dec, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Chris Brochu, the actor who plays the role of the sexy gay character of Luke Parker in the popular TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ has recently spoken to our reporters.  And we have some very good news for all the single ladies out there who were wishing the actor was straight. But for those hoping that the actor was gay off screen too, we’re afraid we have a bad news for you.

After featuring on ‘The Vampire Dairies’ as the first gay character of the show, the actor was rumored to be homosexual in his life off screen as well. After his first shirtless scene in the show, internet had gone crazy. There were even rumors that he was seeing a male actor from the cast of the same TV series.  But in his recent interviews he has slammed those claim stating that they are ‘rubbish’ and denied that he has a homosexual sexual preference.

“I got the chance to represent LGTB community in one of the most popular TV series today. And I feel honored that I had the chance to do so. The show is very popular among the young audience. I’m sure introducing gay character in the show will teach them of acceptance”, Chris said to our sources.

“But as far as I am concerned, I was born straight. You know how some people are born gay and anything you do won’t change that? Well, I was born straight and anything I do will certainly not change that. I will only be dating women,” Chris added. He also has the perfect height for a young man and is young in age, so he won't have any problem finding a girlfriend.

Chris comes from a family is that is used to having media exposure. Chris Brochu is older brother to Dough Brochu, another promising young actor.  He reportedly said that the rumors claiming that he was gay didn’t have any negative influence on his parents. He even added that if he was gay, his parents would always support him.

The actor himself is a well known supporter of LGTB rights movement. He has always demonstrated his support for the cause through his social media platforms. He also posts about gender equality in his Instagram account. He has repeatedly spoken about equality and fairness among people without the consideration of their gender in his interviews.

Chris has demonstrated his acting abilities in several movies. His role in ‘Soul Surfer’ was praised by many critics. Besides being a talented actor; Chris is a talented singer too.  He has released 3 singles up until now, all of which were very well received. He also writes the lyrics of his songs himself.

Chris is man of many talents. He can act, sing and even write lyrics for his song. With all these talents, it is safe to say that his net worth will grow exponentially in the years to come.