Chris Bath and her husband, Jim Wilson, who she's been married to since 2012 headed towards divorce?

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Journalist and television presenter Chris Bath and her husband who is a sports news reporter, got married on January 12, 2012 after dating for three years. "We're both so glad we found each other and we're looking forward to a long and happy life together," said the 44-year-old Bath. "She's held me together through the death of my son and a very tough couple of years. She's my soul mate and the love of my life," said 43 year old Wilson. These things were said by them at the time of their wedding. Till today’s date, there have been speculation about the divorce of this loving couple. Their perfect bond and love, does not leave a chance of their divorce. The couple had a secret marriage ceremony with an ultra-private family gathering in the Hunter Valley. The news of their marriage was unknown even to their close friends and family members up to 2 days.

Both of them are each other’s second marriage. From the first husband, Bath has a child and from the first wife, Wilson is heard to be has children from whom the youngest son aged six, died of brain tumor 20 months before the marriage of Bath and Wilson. As Baths has supported Wilson in his hard years and difficult situation, Wilson found a soul mate in Bath.

Bath had been a weekend presenter of Seven News Sydney and host of Seven’s current affairs program Sunday Night, until she left the network on July 27, 2015.

48 years old Bath was born in Auburn, Australia and was raised in South Wentworthville. Bath attended Holroyd High School. Before, Bath had no ambitions to be a journalist and started working at a restaurant in Surry Hills and became a trainee manager at Kmart, Merrylands and eventually left the job.  Later, she applied to study communications at Mitchell College in Bathurst. She was highly accepted into the course and won a scholarship, and majored in politics. During her last year, she was offered a job at Sydney AM radio station 2UE as a cadet reporter and news reader. And next year, she got her second job in a regional television station in Albury at Prime Television station AMV-4, first as a weather reporter and later as full time news reader. And before becoming the presenter of the Seven’s Morning News, Bath had previously done numerous presenting roles with the network over the years. In this way, slowly and steadily Bath succeeded forward in her career of journalism.

It is heard that Bath has got a tattoo in her body but we have not seen the pictures with her tattoo. The successful female journalist, Bath has a net worth at millions of dollars but her salary has not been disclosed yet.  

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