Choosing Exterior Paint Schemes

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You guys may be thinking of giving your home a new look; or makeover your exterior, but you don’t have enough money to spend on a new siding?

You may find your best results after applying a fresh new coat of paint to your existing siding. Also, you can give your home a new look by choosing different colors than the one which it already has.

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Choosing a perfect color is not an easy job and we cannot take the job lightly. After all, everyone who walks through your door will be obviously watching it. So, you want it to look as nice as possible.

Understanding Color

First, there are three primary colors – red, blue and yellow. All other colors have their base in one of these three primaries. Next are the secondary colors. Secondary colors are what you get when two primary colors are mixed in equal parts, such as combining red and blue to create violet.

Finally, we have the tertiary colors, which are created by mixing up a primary color with a secondary color. Understanding the primary base colors and their derivatives make it easier to choose two colors that accentuate each other.

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Here are some tips for choosing the perfect paint scheme for your home’s exterior.


  1. For the small size house, simple Queen Anne home, the mostly three-color scheme is used. For large houses, elaborate Victorians can support up to seven different colors

2. Choose paint for three main points: the body of the house(shingles or clapboard siding).

For the house trim (window and door casings, rake boards, fascias, etc.)

For the sash (movable parts, including window sash, doors, and shutters)

  1. Click a digital photo of the exterior of the house and install it to your computer using a paint imaging software program.
  2. Then choose the different types of color from your laptop or computer using the software’s palette for the house body, pick up the match for roof shingles.
  3. Next, select a trim color that complements the house-body color
  4. Select a sash color to accent the trim color
  5. Work with the software program to change and manipulate the colors to create the suitable paint scheme.
  6. To test on small sections of your house buy a quart sample of various colors to trim and sash.
  7. Stand back to better look around which color schemes look best on your home.

Here are the some of the tips Choosing Exterior Paint Schemes. If you guys have any question or queries you can comment below.

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