Choosing the Best Option for your Roof Replacement, what to Expect from Roofers?

April 9, 2018
First Published On: July 9, 2017
by HitBerry

Roofing is undoubtedly one of the most expensive fixes. It takes time, money and labor combined to replace your roofs. Replacement of roof is an investment towards your healthy living and your cost determines the durability of your roof.


As soon as you decide to replace your roof, you'll have various options with respect to cost. Whether you want a long lasting eco-friendly roof with minimal health hazards, or a complete in-budget plan so that you'll not have to spend a lot on your account in roofing.

What to expect from Roofer agency?

When you're given an estimate from any roofing agency, you will find that all its prices are based on per square meters.  Though the roof does come with the guarantee, improper installing of Shingles will void the guarantee contract.

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Hence, having proper roofing technicians while installing your roof is necessary. When you are given an estimation on roofing, the agency will not enlist everything in an invoice. Instead, it'll give you a collective figure being based on “per Square foot” ratio.  It'll just be compiled into how much your project will cost per square foot.

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Roofers should include some basics on Roof Replacement like:

Well, before handing over the contract, you should get a full idea of the services and its charging. So, ask clearly about the cost of materials to be used in the process. Also find out the supplementary materials needed for roofing like nails, glue, etc. The coating on a roof to protect it from the change in climate.

Furthermore, find out the most important component; the labor cost. The services should always come along with the disposal of waste material, or else, you are left with a huge pile of non-bio degradable waste which should be deposited safely.

Asphalt Roofing and its Drawbacks

As we all know, an average size house has a roof size of about 1,700 square feet. Asphalt shingles roof will considerably be available from $4.00 to $7.00 per square foot but the price range may keep hiking up considering the use of materials other than Asphalt such as marble, wood or metal plates.

Asphalt Shingles are mostly (a petroleum byproduct) embedded with grit and Tar, which release a huge amount of carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons, into the air when burnt. As it contains Arsenic, it is believed to cause cancer.

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So, it's best for everyone not to use Asphalt Shingles because the home you build is not only for you but for the protection of your family too. Neither you nor your family members wouldn't need to bear the consequences of living in a home which symbolizes security and luxury.

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Other than that, burning or disposal of Asphalt without gaining an approval from Municipality is considered as a crime so, we suggest you go for roofing that lasts longer. As the environment you live in is for everyone which includes you and your family.