Chinese actress Fan Bingbing embroiled in plastic surgery and sex scene scandal...

HitBerryPublished on   03 Aug, 2015Updated on   07 May, 2021

Actress Fan Bingbing is one of the most celebrated actresses in China. She is actually the undisputed queen of the Chinese film industry as she has never failed any film producer and director that have worked with her. She has retained the slot of top actress of China for nearly the entire length of her 12 year old movie career. Not only that, in spite of her Chinese nationality, this hot actress has established pillars of her fame and success in Hollywood as well.

But despite being the queen of Chinese movie industry, the actress has not been able to keep herself away from controversies and accusations that follow every other celebrity in show biz.

In the past few years, actress Fan has seen lots of ups and downs in her life. In 2012, The X-Men: Days of Future Past star was accused of allegedly masterminding the sex scandal of the international Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi's with fallen politician Bo Xilai. Zhang is a BAFTA and Golden Globe nominated actress famous for her role in Hollywood movie ‘Memoirs of Geisha’.

Fan was openly accused by popular film critique Bi Cheng-gong who said that she was the mastermind behind the sex scandal. He said that the Chinese actress spread the rumors precisely a month before Ziyi’s new movie premiere. It was also said that the actress assembled a team just to execute her plan.

Cheng-gong wrote on his microblog, "Fan Bingbing is addicted to throwing her weight around and is infamous in the industry for this."

The allegations surfaced when Boxun News published false rumors about The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon actress that she slept with a  number of Chinese government officials including Bo Xilai and earned approximately 100 million pound for her work. The matter was settled when Zhang sued the news agency.

Fan denied all the allegations and even threatened to take legal action against the Bi Cheng-gong and asked around $100,000 as compensation for the mental distress caused by his accusation.

Despite being one of the most beautiful women in the world, critiques and fans have also criticized Bingbing for undergoing plastic surgery to get that perfect beauty. She has been accused of getting under the knife and performing Eyelid Surgery, Nose Job and Chin Implant. The actress, who looks flawless even at the age of 33, has been denying all the rumors about the surgeries.

Fan, who got her breakthrough role in Chinese thriller movie Cell Phone, has appeared in uncountable movies. Her films have grossed 3.4 billion RMB ($541 million) more than any other Chinese actresses in China.

She has also been ranked number one on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list for the past three years, and she’s ranked among the top 10 every year since 2006. She has also won most of the major film awards in her country. The actress aged 33 is a prominent figure in the Chinese movie industry, her dominance ranging from mainland China to Hollywood.

She is also a fashionista. She makes her appearances in major international film festivals, most notably being Cannes Film Festival. She has attracted media attention in recent year for her classy sense of fashion. The dresses that she has worn during Cannes have either been auctioned or kept in museum.

She is involved with top fashion brands like Valentino Garavani, Giorgio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo Italia S.p.A., Atelier Versace, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton attending the fashion shows in Paris, Beijing and Shanghai.

The actress is currently dating her boyfriend actor Li Chen.