Child actor Jakob Davies, age 12, talks about how he started acting and his future in the industry

September 28, 2015
First Published On: September 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Child actor Jakob Davies has been acting since 2009 and now, at the age of 12, the talented artist has already started making plans for his future in acting. He began acting from an early age. The young man has been winning hearts of millions who have been watching him since he was a little boy.

Talking to, the actor talked about how and when he plunged into the field of acting. He said: “Every spring and summer breaks for as long as I can remember, my parents sign up my brother and I to different day camps so we can learn and try different things. One of my camps (when I was four years old) was a Superheroes Acting Camp. I loved acting right away and went to as many classes as my parents would let me”

“One of my teachers recommended that I get an agent and start going to auditions. After about a year of me asking my parents to call an agent, they finally agreed to contact an agency and I have been working ever since,” added the 12 year old star.

When asked about what drove him to become an actor on the first place, Davies answered: “There was a show in Canada called ‘This is Daniel Cook’ It was a show about a young boy named Daniel and he would do different jobs or activities and interview people. I loved that show and watched it all the time. I wanted to be on TV like him.”

Listening to this charming young guy, one can say that he is really into acting and has the passion and dedication to continue his career in Hollywood.

Davies has impressed and inspired children like him who dream of being in movies and TV series. He plays the role of Pinocchio in ABC fairy tale drama, Once Upon A Time, and has been encouraged by his parents to dream big, which is why the boy of 12 dares to think of his future without any hesitation. He has never stopped himself from signing for new projects and roles.

He told the magazine that he has several movies in his hand.

“I have a movie called "The Birdwatcher" in post-production and will be released this year. This movie has some other Once Upon A Time cast members as well: David –Paul Grove "Doc" and Gabrielle Rose "Ruth",” Davies informed.

“Another movie soon to be released in North America is "The Young and Prodigious Spivet "with Helen Bohnham-Carter and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet ("Amelie"). I am really excited for people to see it! I trained for three months to learn to rope a calf, ride a horse and shoot a shotgun. I even had to shave off my hair for the role to look like a real cowboy,” he added.

After going through what he said, Davies really has a great future because we have never heard a child actor undergo so many changes and undertake trainings to prepare for his/her role. We need to appreciate his effort as he is showing signs of a true future super star.

Davies loves sailing in the summer and playing Tackle Football. He has been playing for the White Rock Titans since he was 5 years old. “I am the Quarterback and my Peewee team won the Presidents Cup Championship last season. I think it is important to be active and always be willing to try different things even if they seem hard at first,” said the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid actor.

An all-rounder, Davis loves to play and keep himself busy. He is humble and is quite serious about his acting career. There is no doubt that we’ll continue seeing Davies in the film industry. He has the potential to become one of the most prominent actors in future.