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Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Net Worth in 2017. Know about his Sources of Income.

January 18, 2017
First published on:January 18, 2017
by John

Geoffrey Zakarian; American Iron Chef, television personality, restaurateur, and author. He is also best known as the executive chef of many restaurants located in New York City, Miami, and Atlantic City. Appearing on the shows like Food Network, The Next Iron Chef, and Chopped has made him much popular.

Now, we will be answering some of the queries regarding his net worth, relationship and much more. Stay put.

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Net Worth

Geoffrey Zakarian is 57 years old and still working. As previously mentioned, he has been working as an execute chef for several restaurants in Miami, New York City, and Atlantic City. Moreover, he is also a television personality; he is featuring on various television programs like in food column, showing his cooking and judging skills.

He has been working in the field for like a long ago. Thus, Geoffrey is always estimated to have the huge amount. As indicated by celebritynetworth, Geoffrey is estimated to have around $6 million net worth.

Since, he is a television personality, chef, restaurateur, and author, so the source of his income might be from the above field. Appearing on the shows, helping hands as the chef and the books are the major source of income for the Geoffrey.

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian

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Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Restaurants

While going through the official website of Geoffrey, we found that he owns around 6 restaurants and is currently planning for one. He will soon be inaugurating Point Royal and Counter Point in Hollywood, FL.

Out of his 6 restaurants, two in New York City, two in Los Angeles and one in Greenwich, CT, and another one is located in New Jersey.

Name and Location of Geoffrey restaurant are given below:

The Water Club – Borgata, New Jersey.

The National Bar & Dining Rooms - NEW YORK CITY

The Lambs Club - NEW YORK CITY

The National - GREENWICH, CT


The Garden Bar - LOS ANGELES

Point Royal and Counter Point - HOLLYWOOD, FL +++++++++++++

The National

The National



The Garden Bar

The Garden Bar

Source: geoffreyzakarian

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's Books

As we all know that he is an author too, he wrote a book called 'My Perfect Pantry'. He has mentioned everything he knows in the book; so, if you wanna know his recipes, you gotta buy the book, guys. It might cost you around $19.87 for a hard cover. And yea, this is one of his greatest sources of income.

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Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Married “TWICE”?

Geoffrey is a married man. He was married to Margaret Anne Williams in the year 2005. Margaret is his second wife. He was first married to Heather Karaman and shared around 10 years together but later got separated.

Geoffrey and current wife Margaret is blessed with three children in total. Margaret gave birth to two daughters and one son. Madelina Zakarian, George Harris Zakarian, and Anna Zakarian are the name of their children.

Geoffrey and Margaret

Geoffrey and Margaret

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