Charlo Greene charged with drug crimes, actively advocating marijuana use on Twitter and Instagram

September 22, 2015
First published on:September 22, 2015
by HitBerry

Charlo Greene today is the most well-known women in the blooming marijuana industry. She first gained popularity after she quit her job live on air and the video of her doing so went viral and received 1.4 Million views on YouTube alone.

Charlo has been known to be dedicated to the cause of legalizing marijuana in her home state of Alaska. AS many states in the USA are now legalizing marijuana, Greene feels as though they have been unfairly treated and their freedom encroached on. She has said she will be dedicating her services full time to see that the herb is legalized in the state.

Carlo also runs the only Medical marijuana organization in Alaska. In doing so, she has come under strict scrutiny from the state government with multiple raids taking place on her offices and factories, time and again. She claims that these constant raids have made it extremely difficult for her to meet the demands of the product, which is also a necessary medicine in the treatment of cancer and various other diseases.

The police have been reportedly raiding many of Charlo’s dispensaries’ over information that she has been selling marijuana illegally. Many of the people, who come to the various dispensaries, are cardholders and rely on marijuana as necessary medicine. Greene claims that when the police raid them, the clients have to look for other motives to get marijuana, which in turn increases the illegal market.

Alaskan voter, although by a referendum have voted for the recreational use of marijuana, it is still illegal to sell the drug. Charlo and her organization have been fighting for this cause in order to meet the requirements of medical patients throughout the state. At the moment, she claims, many have to rely on peddlers who cheat their customers by charging high prices and not delivering the right products, which could endanger the lives of those who are dependent on the drug for medicinal use.

It hasn’t been easy for Greene as she is the lone spokesperson for marijuana sellers in the state and is constantly facing backlashes from the state government time and again who make things harder for her by issuing subpoenas time and again over minor matters.

Greene’s business is also strictly monitored and she has criticized the government for not allocating required resources to fight crimes, but rather concentrating their attention where the cause is just and needed by the people.  Greene has also accused the government of using tactics to slow down her business growth as they are failing to handle her business and threatening fellow activist to withdraw support from her cause.

In 2014, Greene was voted for being the most potent woman in the pot industry by the leading marijuana organizations.

Greene is 28 years of age and is a popular figure on social networking platforms like Twitter and Instagram . On Twitter alone she has over 31K followers and can be followed under the username @IamCharloGreene and on Instagram her profile is charlogreene.

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