Chanelle Hayes not doing so great after she split up with her boyfriend, Josh Singleton. Says she joined the dating app, Tinder

March 16, 2016
First published on:March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Chanelle Hayes recently tweeted about how men are only after money and easy life. After complaining about men and dropping a lot of F bombs, she also posted a picture of a bottle of milk with expiry date on 14th of February, with the caption ‘When your milk has a Valentine’s day date and you don’t’ under which she had written ‘Never thought I'd be jealous of a bottle of milk. First time for everything....’ expressing the frustration of being single. She has stated that the last few guys she dated were looking only for money and an easy life. This was all the after effect of her break up with her previous boyfriend, Josh Singleton.

This hot model had earlier tweeted that she had recently joined the dating app, Tinder.

Chanelle Hayes has a long history of dating. Although, she is not yet married to anyone, there are often news of her getting married. The relationship among them, however ultimately fails. She has never been in a committed relationship with any of these having dated as much as four people in a single calendar year. Her list of boyfriends include Lloyd Nwagboso, Tom Huddlestone, Nick Percival, Verne Troyer, etc.

Chanelle has also been in a relationship with Matthew Bates, with who she had a child together.

Chanelle is regarded as the reality show’s show off celebrity. Starting her career as one of the contestant in the British reality television series Big Brother, Chanelle has become of the differentiated personality in the TV shows. Chanelle has also appeared in many photo shoots even appearing nude on several occasions. She is also an accomplished singer and a recognized model in the industry.

Once, Chanelle had become center of the news due to her mass weight gain. After a ruthless diet and a determined weight loss journey, she made one of the most epic weight losses ever. She underwent transformation that slimmed her down to a size 8 from size 16.

Hayes has expressed her love for movies and wants to act in one if she gets a chance. Regarding the character for a potential husband, she has stated that he must be supportive of her and love her unconditionally.

Following her break up with her then boyfriend Jack Tweed, she started her relationship with Josh Singleton which ultimately failed, as expected.

This hot model has a great number of followers on social media and she often posts feeds and photos for her fans to see. She is grateful for their support.

Chanelle even had her own reality TV show, Chanelle: Wannabe Popstar which showed her journey of being a singer. She has also appeared in various television shows as herself and in various reality shows.

Chanelle has net worth that is estimated to be round $2 million.

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