Chael Sonnen says Floyd Mayweather is “DUMB” and “BROKE”

In the recent statement of American mixed martial artist Chael Patrick Sonnen aka Chael Sonnen, he spoke out about Floyd Mayweather coming outta retirement. He claims that the retirement is already a done deal.


Sonnen furthermore added that Mayweather is “dumb-dumb” who has burned through his billion-dollar fortune.


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This is not at all; Sonnen was teeing Floyd Mayweather’s next fight will not be in the UFC. He said:

Floyd's not gonna do MMA, but he is gonna box again

He furthermore added:

I will tell you unequivocally, right now, Floyd Mayweather does, and is planning, to box one more time.

Sonnen is actually not disputing Mayweather’s insane paydays for Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao but claims that he spends his cash even faster than he makes it.

Sonnen claimed:

Floyd's broke ... it does not matter what you made, it matters what you kept, and he is a dumb-dumb!

Sonnen furthermore claimed that Mayweather is smart on staying relevant and is the only reason he has been able to hype a switch to MMA.

American mixed martial artists Tyron Woodley says that he will start training Floyd Mayweather as soon as possible.

Till then stay tuned!