CEO of the Camping World Marcus Lemonis Single or Married? Details of his Past Affairs and Relations

January 29, 2018
First Published On: January 11, 2018

If anyone stays single for a long time, then people start making several assumptions about their personal life. They even assume them as a gay and spread throughout the internet and soon gets viral. Similarly, people also made several assumptions about Marcus Lemonis on being gay. 

But is he actually gay? Or is he dating someone secretly? Today we will make you clear about his relationships and personal life. So stay with us and keep scrolling:

Is Marcus Lemonis Gay?

Like other celebrities, the CEO of Camping World Marcus Lemonis was also rumored to be a gay. The reason behind the rumor of him being gay was because of him staying single for a long period. 

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Well, we have an excellent news for all the fans of Marcus Lemonis out there. Well, Lemonis is not a gay as he is enjoying a relationship. Lemonis is currently dating Bethenny Frankel the star of  The Real Housewives of New York City

[ CAPTION: Marcus Lemonis and Bethenny Frankel ][ SOURCE: Pagesix ]

As per the source, the Lemonis started dating Frankel since 2015. The source claimed that the couple met each other for the first time in summer 2015 and since then, they started dating. 

Furthermore, in an interview with People Magazine Frankel and Lemonis has talked positively about their love for each other. This is enough to prove that, the couple is really in love with each other and are happy to have each other in their life. 

[ CAPTION: Marcus Lemonis ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Furthermore, in July 2016, Frankel twitted on Twitter with some positive vibes about her love towards Lemonis. In the tweet she said that;

“Couldn’t sleep. Found @marcuslemonis on @TheProfitCNBC I like him & his way of doing business.”

However, the couple did not talk much about their relationship and often keeps all the information under the shade. And further, they haven't shared any photos together. 

[ CAPTION: Marcus Lemonis ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

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Similarly, the couple did not reveal the plans of tying the knot. They may be planning to get married soon and may have the plan to give a surprise to their fans. Besides this, there are no any rumors of their breakups too. 

Bethenny Frankel's unsuccessful marriage with Jason Hoppy

Before being romantically linked with Marcus Lemonis, Bethenny Frankel was married to Jason Hoppy.  Jason is an American businessperson. Frankel and Jason tied the knot in 2010. 

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They together have a daughter, Bryn Hoppy to whom they welcomed in the same year. But life does not be the same as we want and expect. We face different obstacles in our life, and if we fail to handle them properly, then it may result in the worse condition. 

[ CAPTION: Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy with their daughter ][ SOURCE: Intouchweekly ]

The similar incident happened the married life of Frankel and Jason. Due to the scandalous fights and never-ending arguments, Frankel filed a divorce from her husband in January 2013. Well, their divorce was finalized later in 2016.