Celebrity Chef Michael Symon and wife/business partner Liz Shanahan announce opening of a new restaurant

December 20, 2015
First Published On: December 20, 2015
by HitBerry

Celebrity Chef Michael Symon and his wife/business partner Liz Shanahan have announced a new restaurant, which will be open to food lovers by January next year. 

The top celebrity chef, who is credited with helping save the restaurant scene in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, is all ready to introduce his fans and foodies to a new restaurant named Mabel’s BBQ in the aforementioned place with his beloved wife Shanahan. Shanahan is not just his wife, but also his business partner and collaborator on his restaurants. 

The couple, who have been married for quite a long time, have increased the level of anticipation and excitement in the local food scene. Foodies had been waiting for the husband and wife duo to announce their new restaurant, Mabel's BBQ, since last year. The couple is finally making their dreams come true. 

The soon to be opened restaurant will be situated at East 4th Street. The news of the opening of Mabel’s BBQ surfaced after the chef posted an update confirming the date of the opening to be in January 2016 through Mabel’s Facebook page. 

Though Symon announced the opening date of his most awaited restaurant for next year, everyone was expecting it to happen this very year as The Chew fame had previously announced it back in 2014. The restaurant is all set to be located in the former home of La Strada.

The chef himself confessed during last year's Fabulous Food Show that the making of his ‘dream BBQ restaurant” was taking much longer that he and Shanahan were expecting. But now, we are all sure that the food cravers would be able to hit the Mabel’s BBQ in January 2016.  

The James Beard Foundation’s Award-winning American chef said back in 2014, during his appearance at the I-X Center: “It will open in the spring. We are working very hard."

But despite his words and commitment, things didn’t work out well and the plan of opening the restaurant in spring was shifted to this January. And after long and hard waiting, people can finally take a sigh of relief as January 2016 is about to introduce them to one of Symon's longtime passion projects. The place will feature a selection of barbecue meats and sauces with a regional flavor. Moreover, his soon to be inaugurated barbeque restaurant has also been listed as one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2016.

We hope that this famous chef, restaurateur, TV personality, and cookbook author earns a great amount of love, respect and admiration for his food and his new and unique recipes once his much awaited restaurant opens. Symon and his wife are working quite hard to make their dream come true. And after the new restaurant in his hometown of Cleveland opens up, the couple can then take a deep breath. 

Symon has an estimated net worth of $4 million. You can follow him on his official Instagram page.