Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and husband Brandon Clark getting divorced

HitBerryPublished on   20 Dec, 2015Updated on   22 Jan, 2018

2015 has been the year for celebrity chef divorces. This year alone, five top celebrity chefs have divorced their spouses, the latest in this cold trend being Alex Guarnaschelli. She was married to her husband Brandon Clark for eight years.

Alex and Brandon announced their separation recently and have stated that the decision was made through mutual consent from both partners. They reportedly have irrevocable differences which only left them with the option of separation.

Reason for Alex and Brandon Divorce

Alex, however, has told her family and close friends that the main reason behind the divorce was Brandon cheating on her with multiple women. She has also said that although she had caught him earlier, she forgave him after he pleaded for forgiveness. However, he continued on with his extra-marital affair, which left Alex with no choice but to get divorced, claim sources.

Sources also claim that Brandon has admitted that he was involved in an affair or two. But the numbers were no higher than that and certainly not as high as Alex has been claiming. Brandon also put the blame on Alex for his affair as he said she was just impossible to live with.

Alex and Brandon dating history

Alex and Brandon have one daughter, Ava, from their eight years of marriage. Alex has said that she and Brandon are working very hard together so that their daughter does not have to go through this traumatic incident any longer.

Brandon also has been trying very hard to cheer Ava up by talking her out to fun parks and shopping. He has said that his daughter is a very brave girl for her age and she understands all that is going on. He is simply trying to limit the damage done to her emotional health in the best way he can.

Alex and Brandon, prior to marriage, had been dating for about two years. During this time, Alex was very happy and outspoken about her boyfriend’s achievements and the love they shared with them. They both met at a celebrity chef program that they were a part of.

Alex Guarnaschelli Career

Alex is one of the most popular female chefs in the world today. She has been linked to some of the finest restaurants in the world like the “The Darby” and “Butler”. She has also appeared in some food-related TV shows.

Some of her most-watched TV shows are "Chopped", "Iron Chef America", "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" and "All Star Family Cook-off". She is currently hosting two shows titled "Alex’s Day Off" and "Cooking Loft".

Alex is just 43 years of age and is one of the most followed celebrity chefs on Instagram. She has over 185 K followers on Instagram and can be followed @guarnaschelli.

Her recipes are one of the most diverse in comparison to various other prominent chefs. She indulges in all kinds of food preparation, from baking to Indian to Continental. Her diverse style has made her one of the best chefs there is today. 

Her net worth remains undisclosed.