Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson shares workout secrets: Get ready for toned arms and flat abs this summer

August 3, 2015
First Published On: August 3, 2015
by HitBerry

What are your plans for this summer? If getting a toned body is on the list then, Tracy Anderson is here to help. In an interview with Hello Magazine, this celebrity trainer shares various tips and advice for us.

 Having already helped stars like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow get their envious body in shape, Tracy is ready to give you a complete workout. So brace yourselves as all eyes will be on you from here on.

But before getting started, Tracy recommends you get motivated and plan your weekends to get the right balance between your training, work and family commitment. So here we go!

Let us begin with a routine for our tummy. This is especially important to all the moms trying to get back in shape after pregnancy. Tracy recommends you various methods. One of which is the 'cross-legged crunch'. The cross legged crunch works on your lower abs and gives you that V line which you dream of. While doing so remember to keep your upper body lifted off the floor and to pull your abs down trying to keep your stomach flat.

She also recommends you perform a variation of planks like 'Side sitting plank lift' and the 'Running plank' that really work on your abs section.

Next, let's focus on the arm. For a toned arm, Tracy recommends the 'Rotating Reach', which will give your triceps and bicep gain that burliness and shape. But remember to really stretch your arm high as you can when you rotate all through the shoulder joint.

 She also suggests you to do the 'Shoulder Press' where you start with feet, shoulder length apart with 3 pound dumbbells on each hand and bent elbows with the hands parallel to the shoulder. Then you straighten your arms and press the weights overhead. Ensure that you keep your shoulders down and you move with control as you lower weights back to shoulders.

Now, for the Glute workout Tracy calls this regime 'The Pretzel'. In this method you have to sit on the floor with your right leg forward and your left leg behind you with both knees bent 90 degrees. Leaning forward with palms on the floor, lift your legs up and down a few inches keeping your toes pointed.

 Tracy says the pretzel works like magic, tightening your derriere and keeping your thighs firm that gives you longer, leaner legs. But be sure to drop your hip and lift your foot higher than your hip line at the end.

For the thighs, Tracy recommends the 'leg pulse'. Here, you keep your hips parallel and push your chest forward. This will not only work on your outer thigh, but also on your upper body and abdominals.

For further information, go through her DVDs or follow her on Twitter where she talks about all the diets, programs and workout methods for a slim body.

And lastly, good luck to you all and go get your dream summer bodies!!!