Catt Sadler thinking of having kids with her second husband Rhys David Thomas??

September 17, 2015
First Published On: September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

According to recent rumors, Cat Sadler and her husband Rhys David Thomas were having a baby. However, it turns out that the rumor is untrue after all and they are not thinking of having a baby.

Catt Sadler and her second husband Thomas are not interested in having any more children at the moment. Sadler already has two kids, Austin and Arion, with her ex-husband Kyle Boyd. Catt and Boyd got married in 2001 and divorced in 2008.

The American host, who rose to stardom after becoming a correspondent in E news, is not even thinking of adding a new member in their family. The mother of two, who has an eight year old son Arion and twelve year son Austin is happy with her small family.

According to Sadler, her family became complete after she married to Rhys. Sadler’s sons love him a lot and even make fun of his foreign accent.

The 41 year old Sadler married British film producer Rhys David Thomas on December 2011 in Las Vegas. The wedding was a private affair where no one was invited.

Talking about their marriage with Life &Style, Sadler said, “We didn't want to wait the often lengthy time it takes to plan an elaborate event".

"We were madly in love and couldn't think of anything more special than committing our lives to each other in private, just the two of us."

"Rhys and I are soul partners, he teaches me every day. He is my true love and sincerest friend” she added.

After getting married to Rhys, Sadler had to balance her work life and her family life. She has tried to fulfill both her duties and has succeeded so far. While her sons are at school, she spends her day, working on her show, E! News which is concerned with Hollywood gossip.

 In an interview with People, she said, “I’m finished by 5 o’clock and go pick up my boys”.

“I’ve done this for 15 years now, and paid my long-hour, early-morning dues. Now, I’ve designed my life so I can be the mom, but then have this killer job that’s so exciting. I feel like the luckiest lady in the world.”

She considers herself lucky to have had the chance to chat with celebrities regularly. Regarding that, she said, “I’ll always be enamored with Johnny Depp, and I’ve interviewed him a half dozen times,” she says. “You can’t see Angelina Jolie in the flesh and not be awestruck. And George Clooney was everything I imagined he’d be funny and interesting and engaging.”

“But there’s one interview I’m still waiting to get, “I’ve never interviewed Brad Pitt, and I think that’s way overdue,” she laughed.

Besides being a great host, she has a huge passion for the latest fashion. Sadler always wants to look glamorous while covering red-carpet events or while attending Hollywood parties even at the age of 41. Talking about her own style with Splash, Sadler said, “I never just do the obvious thing”. “I love to mix highs and lows. I might wear Prada shoes, but I wear them with H&M”. With the help of designer Amelian Kashiro, Sadler has turned out to be famous for her style, both her on-screen and off-screen. She also posts her trendy pictures on Instagram for her fans.